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Change Your Words and Surrender to Grace!

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Change Your Words and Surrender to Grace!

Andrea Gardner tells Becky Walsh how surrender can lead to success
Becky  Walsh
Becky Walsh More by this author
Feb 04, 2015 at 06:15 AM

Ever wondered what makes a film go viral? I mean, apart from the cute puppies and the funny kids.

I recently talked to Andrea Gardner, author of Change Your Words Change Your World, and the creator of the sensationally popular Internet video 'The Power of Words'. You know the one: a blind man has his sign changed by a passer-by, who changes his luck while he's begging on the street. Andrea told me that surrendering to grace is what took her from from owning a struggling business to having so many hits on her website it fell off the internet!

In this interview Andrea talks about the events that lead up to the film becoming a life-changing hit for her. What she has to say is perfect for anyone who feels they have hit an impasse in their own lives. Andrea's story demonstrates that, no matter what the situation, when you surrender to grace, grace always finds a way to pull you through in the most interesting ways. 

Change your words, change your heart, let go and shift your obstacles. 


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Becky  Walsh
Becky Walsh has been a teacher, speaker and workshop leader in the field of intuition and spirituality for many years. She is the author of three books including the Amazon bestseller Advanced Psychic Development, and writes for many magazines Continue reading