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Changing Courses?

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Changing Courses?

It’s okay to be you!
Neil  Francis
Neil Francis More by this author
Sep 16, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Changing Course in your life, whether you have been forced to (redundancy, retirement, health issues) or have chosen to (returning to education, setting up your own business, travelling the world), brings fantastic opportunities even though the start of your new journey can be daunting and stressful.  

There are numerous positive outcomes that changing course in your life brings about. One of those is that it allows you to rediscover the “real you” by ripping out all the things you’ve gathered over the years that aren’t you. You now have an opportunity to examine the views and opinions that you’ve accumulated or formulated over the course of your life, but which you don’t actually believe; to stop conforming and just “going along with the crowd”; to spend your time doing things that you really enjoy.

Accepting that it’s okay to be yourself can be an extremely liberating feeling, and changing course gives you the platform and the impetus for doing all of this. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start.

This is a second chance to be the person you actually want to be. I would imagine that you were in this position at some earlier stage in your life – perhaps when you were around 18, when you went off to university or college, or started your first job. You had all those ideas and beliefs about what you wanted to achieve in life, but at some point along the road, you started to conform and take on jobs or roles which you would never have imagined yourself doing when you were young.

Maybe, too, you started to form opinions that you didn’t really believe in – it was just what the ‘crowd’ did. Perhaps you started doing things not because you loved doing them, or because they gave you a purpose, but because it was the easiest route to take. You conformed. You followed the crowd.

But changing course gives you the chance to alter that. It allows you to accept that it’s okay to be you again. It means that whoever you are, whatever you’re planning to do, and whatever your dreams are for the future, you will be yourself. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s far more than that. It means you’ll be living with integrity in everything that you do. And living with integrity will bring fulfillment and meaning to your life.

So yes, it is okay to be yourself.

Most people don’t get the opportunity to say that. They know that the role or job they do won’t allow it. In their hearts and in their minds, they may be desperate to change course, but they don’t do it. They continue with things that don’t give them any real feelings of satisfaction, worth or joy. They blend in and conform.

So try and see changing course in your life as the opportunity to be you again – the person you always wanted to be and do the things you will love doing.

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Neil  Francis
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