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Claiming Your Power

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Claiming Your Power

Engage your ESP.
Stuart  Wilde
Stuart Wilde More by this author
Jul 22, 2009 at 10:00 AM

At this point in your journey, you have to step up and claim your power, if you have not already done so. By that I mean that you have to demand that each of your faculties of mind—your feelings and emotions, your metaphysical energy, your intuition, and your extrasensory perception—begin to engage their prowess and perception. For, as a part of developing the sixth sense, you have to insist that it be there for you. You have to exercise it by making it pull information from your surroundings.

Start with this: Prior to telephoning somebody, visualize their home. See if you can pick them up in your feelings, and see whether your feelings tell you if they’re there or not. The trick is to see your friend as a composite of energy, not as a physical person. In other words, what is the overall feeling/identity of the person you’re looking for? We remember people by the feeling that their character and overall energy give off, not by the shape of their face. Think back to someone you knew at school, or someone you haven’t seen for years. You won’t be able to remember their face in much detail, if you can remember it at all, but you can remember their character, and the feeling that came from that personality. So when looking for a friend in a distant location, look for the feeling that you’re familiar with, and see if the feeling is at the location that you’re about to telephone. Can you nail them in your feelings as being there or not?

Once you’ve decided, phone the person and check the result. See how often you’re right. Don’t worry if you get it wrong—by asking your extrasensory perception to perform many times each day, your batting average will soon improve.

The important thing is that you start asking questions of your inner power so that you establish a smooth nonlogical link to your higher perception and inner knowing. With it, you can look around corners, or into the future; you can perceive what is logically not perceivable. But you have to begin to convince yourself that you have the power, if you are not already convinced from previous experiences. It’s mostly a matter of developing sophistication and expertise, rather than being hit‑or‑miss. Expect to be right 100 percent of the time!

Here’s another one: When a person is talking to you, try to reach out and touch them with your feelings. It’s no more than visualizing yourself with a long arm, and pulling back toward you a molecule of that person’s heart—a molecule of their overall feeling for you to perceive, analyze, and understand. You reach out mentally, slowly, grab a bit of them, and snap back with it quickly. You are not there to pillage their energy in any way; you’re just taking a small sample. Reach into their heart, where the heart chakra spins in the center of chest, and imagine yourself grabbing an etheric sample of them. In this way, you pull a molecule of their feelings back toward you. Now mentally ask, “How does this sample feel?” It will tell you much about the person’s overall emotion, just as the symbols in your dreams will talk to you in their special language.

With respect to the person you’re sampling, you may find that their underlying emotions are very different from the words they utter, or even their current demeanor. So in reaching out to pull a bit of them back toward you, you learn about how they actually feel, not how they say they feel.

When in conversation with others, ask yourself, “How does what they’re saying sit with me? What is the subtlety of the communication here? Is it truthful or not? Scattered or solid, reasonable or flaky?” By asking questions, you instruct your perceptional capability to wake up and deliver.

It may seem a bit strange—testing out your powers before you’ve had much chance to develop them—but it is only through the testing of them that they develop. Extrasensory perception (ESP) takes mental effort; you have to corner your mind and make it work for you. It is lazy. You have to force it a bit. As long as your approach is not scattered or haphazard, and if you access the power in a disciplined and powerful way, all will be revealed. The exercises and concepts presented here and in the other chapters will help you a whole bunch. As you’ve probably noticed, they are designed to spread you out—in order to make you bigger and connect you to the power. They all help, but it’s only through practice and intention that you carry the concept of the sixth sense into your day‑to‑day reality.

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Stuart  Wilde
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