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Color Me Purple

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Color Me Purple

Louise Hay
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Aug 14, 2010 at 04:00 AM 0 comments

Have you embraced more color in your life this week? Did you get a chance to find your Personal Month and Personal Day with my Colors and Numbers book? I hope you’ll try it. It’s fun.

Today is August 14. This is my Number 7 Personal Day. I can wear my favorite color today—Purple. The gem for today is Amethyst. The message for a Personal Day Number 7 is “Look Within: Be alone, at least for part of the day. Be still. Read. Think. Listen to your inner soul. Drop the business world. If you pursue money today, it will run from you. If you keep still and wait, things will come to you. Work with your plants. The Number 7 always reveals something. Be open.”

Remember, the food you eat is also colorful. Therefore, the colors we take into our bodies in the form of food are as meaningful as the colors we wear and with which we surround ourselves. For instance, since today is my Purple #7, blackberries, eggplant, purple plums or passion fruit might attract and nourish me.

The number and color of your Personal Year is like background music for everything you will do that year. As you enter a new Personal Year, you could buy something for the house that will reflect this color all year long. You might purchase a new bedspread, or paint your favorite room in a pleasing shade of your Personal Year color. Perhaps you might buy yourself a ring or a pendant. If you are buying a new car, your Personal Year vibration could influence the color you choose.

Use your imagination to bring meaningful color into your life. Your imagination is reflective of your image of yourself and the love you are developing for yourself.

Let me know if you’ve discovered new ways to add more color to your Personal Days. I’ll be looking for your comments.

Let’s affirm: “I break new ground and I begin new adventures.”

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