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Color Your World

Tune in to the signals of the Universe.
Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Aug 02, 2010 at 10:00 AM

The study of color is fascinating. We are surrounded by color at all times. Even the so-called colorless has color. A world without color is hard to imagine.

When we think of color, nature may first come to mind. We look forward to the first soft green that confirms that spring is on its way. To see crocuses and daffodils burst out of the thawing ground warms our hearts. The developing of the full lush green and colors of mid-summer enables us to feel the abundance of the earth. Then comes the breathtaking autumn spectacle of the yellows, oranges, and reds. When they are gone, winter moves in with its quiet white blanket of snow, and the gray trunks and branches of the trees. We await spring once more.

How many times have we watched a sunset or a sunrise and marveled at the incredible colors? Sunrise on the desert is an awe-filled experience. From early dawn to midday to dusk to midnight, there are thousands of gradations of light and color. When we take time to look up to the blue of the sky, we feel the tranquility and peace of the open expanse of space. Colors no longer merely serve as a decorative or ornamental function. They affect us in deeper ways.

Color is an essential part of our lives. Yet most of us remain largely ignorant of the benefit to be gained from our conscious use of color. Each color vibrates with its own energy, which we can use to enhance our lives.

The study of numbers is ancient and respected. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, who is often considered to be the father of numerology, felt “numbers to be the ultimate elements of the universe.” Even as late as the Renaissance, churches were constructed using mystical number systems that the architects believed enhanced an experience of God while within their walls.

Colors and numbers both have significance. We can use them together, as numerology teaches us that each number has an associated color, and that each month, each day, the vibrations change; and as the number vibrations change, so do the colors.

There are so many ways we can cooperate with Life. Consciously using our personal numbers and colors is one way for our days to flow smoother. We can integrate colors and numbers into our daily living practices and bring them into balance. Numbers and colors fill our days, and they are useful to our lives and attitudes. They may form a basis for our affirmations and our declarations of ourselves. What are the colors and numbers saying to you today?

Let’s affirm: I am ready for new adventures of every kind. I clean out the old closets of my mind and prepare for the wonderful things that are coming to me.

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