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Colorful Vibrations

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Colorful Vibrations

Louise Hay
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Aug 03, 2010 at 03:45 AM 0 comments

If it’s snowing, it is not in your best interest to go out in shorts and bare feet. Your day would be more comfortable if you wore clothing that was appropriate for snow. And so it is with life. There are times when certain behaviors and activities are more appropriate and comfortable than others.

Do you find that some days it just feels right to go shopping or do your banking—or it may just feel right to scrub your floors? There is a way that you can key into the energies that surround you and your life at all times.

I’m so pleased that Hay House is re-releasing my book Colors and Numbers this week. Now you can see how to bring more harmony into your life by choosing colors that match your energy’s vibrations.

We each have our own personal number vibrations and personal color vibrations. By consciously surrounding ourselves with our personal colors, we become more in tune with the energy and vibration of the Universe.

You’ll see that each of your Personal Days has a color that vibrates with the number of that day. And each of these days also has a jewel that resonates to the color and number. Gems, like colors, have vibrations, that if worn, can enhance a desired mood. There is also a key phrase that sets the tone for this Personal Day.

For example, today is August 3rd. This is a very powerful month for me because my Personal Month number is 11. This is considered a Master Number. And whenever this number comes up, it means we are more in tune with our higher vibrations.

It’s my Number 5 Personal Day today. My color is Turquoise and my gems are Turquoise and Aquamarine. (That’s me in the photo above sporting turquoise with a gem of an author—Gregg Braden.)

My message for today is: Change and Surprise. “Look your best. Really dress up. Get out and look for the new. Expect a good surprise. Change your routine. The best day for haircuts. Promote and advertise your products.” Oh yes, I did tell you about my new Colors and Numbers book!

If you’re using these ideas for the first time, it may take you a while to develop a wardrobe that incorporates all the colors for each season. In the meantime, use whatever you have on hand. It doesn’t have to be an entire outfit. A scarf for a belt or a handkerchief—or even colorful underwear—will do nicely! Sometimes it’s just carrying a colored pen or even putting a few flowers in a vase to remind us of the color vibration.

I must go and get dressed. There’s a new place out there for me to discover today.

May your day be filled with surprises too.

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