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Connect To Your Pet’s Heart And Help Them Heal

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Connect To Your Pet’s Heart And Help Them Heal

Holistic Vet, Dennis Thomas, Explains How To Use Energy Healing With Your Dogs And Cats
Dr. Dennis Thomas
Dr. Dennis Thomas More by this author
Aug 12, 2015 at 01:00 PM

Many of us have longed to have the ability to direct healing.  When our pets are diagnosed with serious illness we often feel victimized by the circumstances.  We long for some sort of empowerment that will allow us to participate in the outcome.  The good news is that we all have the power to direct healing.  We just haven’t been told how to do it.

For those of us who have traveled the spiritual pathway, topics like healing seem a bit beyond our reach.  We feel that maybe when we reach our spiritual goal then we will have these mystic abilities.  For the meantime, perhaps a little scientific understanding will allow us to bridge that gap between our present state and the mystical state of being.

The Mechanics Of Subtle Energy

In order for us to believe that we can direct healing we need to understand how dimensional energy works.  This is not a physics class, but bear with me, a little physics goes a long way.  Quantum physics/mechanics and the theory of relativity have opened the door to understanding the mechanics of subtle energy.  Subtle energy is the type of energy that is beyond our senses and cannot be detected by our technology.  It is also difficult for our thoughtful brain to grasp since it has no reference points.

What Are Subtle Energies?

Subtle energy is best detected by the affect it has on our reality.  We have all experienced the subtle energies of love, gratitude, compassion as well as the hurtful energies of grief, anger and sadness.  In the laboratory we cannot even prove that these energies exist, though we have indirect proof that allows us to accept them as fact.  This is how subtle energy works.

What Is Dimensional Energy?

Subtle energy can be divided into what is referred to as dimensional energies.  Each dimension has its own energetic characteristic and a direct affect on lower dimensional energy.  It is also important to understand that all energetic dimensions are made up of source energy or what some scientists refer to as the “field.”  Source, which is pure potentiality, takes energetic form to create the highest dimensional energy, then alters itself to produce the next dimension and so on.  Each lower dimension is directly influenced by the higher dimensions.  You might be asking what this has to do with healing and the health care of my pet.  Hang in there and you will see that it has a great deal to do with it and grasping this reality will help you in your belief, which is critical for directing healing.

Einstein’s Wave-Particle Theory

The material body (your and your pet’s bodies) exists as both a material object and an energetic body at the same time.  This is what Einstein referred to as the wave-particle theory.  The dimensional energy that makes up the material body is the lowest dimension of the expression of subtle energy.  This is important to know because every energetic dimension that is of a higher dimension will have a direct affect on how the material body performs.  This is how our health is influenced.
The dense, material energy is also affected by other similar energies.  Your dog is running through the field and cuts his leg on some wire.  The dense energy of the wire caused the alteration of the dense energy of the dog’s leg.  

This is a simple fix with cleaning the wound and applying a few stitches.  No need to direct healing here, the body will resolve the problem on its own.
However, when our pet develops a chronic disease such as allergies, arthritis, organ failure, heart disease or cancer, then we need to look further than the dense energy of the material body.  

Western or allopathic medicine only deals with the lower dimensional, dense energy of the material body and because of this, it limits itself to the scientific understanding of the material body.  A good example is why so many patients with cancer go into remission but, after a while, the cancer returns. Einstein once said that you cannot resolve a problem (healing) at the level of energy that the problem was created.
In regards to the influences of the material body, let’s look at the upper dimensions and see how they have direct affects on the body.  The next upper dimension is the subtle energy of emotions.  Above that is the dimension where thoughts occur.  Above that is the dimension of spirit.  Some might say the soul of the individual.  This is the highest subtle energy dimension and reigns over all of the lower dimensions.

The Dimension Of Spirit Is Where The Power Resides

Science has finally accepted that our emotions and our thoughts have a direct influence on the health of the material body.  It can’t explain how, but it can’t ignore the facts.  
•    Negative emotions over time will create ill health.  
•    Negative thoughts over time will create ill health.  
•    Imbalanced spiritual health will create ill health.  
•    The influential flow moves from spirit to thoughts to emotions to material body.  
When chronic disease occurs in ourselves and our pets we must consider these energetic influences and find ways to alter their negative effects.  We should consider each dimensional influence in order to cure the problem.  This might consist of nutritional modification, supplements, western medicine, alternative modalities and so on.  

We might also incorporate psychotherapy to deal with improper thoughts and destructive emotions.  These are all great benefits to reduce symptoms and possibly cure the patient.  
Healing, however, can only come from re-alignment with our highest dimensional energy; source energy or spirit.  This can only be done with focused intention.  Remembering the science of dimensional energy, lower dimensional energy cannot influence upper dimensional energy.  Thoughts cannot influence spirit or source energy.  

We have to be able to align ourselves with our spiritual energy in order to effectively direct healing from the highest level of consciousness.  This can be done with meditation, prayer or other means in order to connect with our higher state of being.  Another way that involves our pets is to connect energetically from our heart to their heart.  By doing this we open our hearts and allow source energy to express itself unimpeded.  

Connect To Your Pet’s Heart And Help Them Heal

The heart center is where energy is altered from subtle to measurable.  The heart chakra, the fourth chakra, is where the subtle body energy is transformed into the material body.  In the language of quantum mechanics, the fourth dimension is where subtle energy transforms into lower dimensional, measurable energy.  This is where we can connect to source energy.  
•    Direct your intention and direct healing for your pet.  
•    Sit with your pet, looking deeply into her eyes, 
•    Be grateful for her presence in your life and open your heart.
•    The heart-felt feeling that arises from this connection is the key to successfully directing healing. 

Once you have experienced these feelings then you can turn your awareness to your intention, one of directing healing for perfect health and well-being for your pet.

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Dr. Dennis Thomas
Dr. Dennis Thomas has been a veterinarian for more than 30 years. After two decades of practicing Western allopathic veterinary medicine, he learned Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Continue reading