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Connect with your Angels

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Connect with your Angels

6 ways to contact Divine help.
Doreen Virtue
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Mar 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM

You already connect with your angels in many wonderful ways, including through the dreams, feelings, and signs you receive. Reading angel stories like the ones in Saved by an Angel also tends to increase your awareness of the presence of angels in your life. Just the process of reading can create an angel experience, of which you’ll be consciously aware.

I find that our emotional climate can either breed or block angel connections. When we have an extremely strong emotion—such as fear, anger, or worry—and we simultaneously appeal to heaven for help, this often triggers an angel experience. However, if we have these strong emotions and don’t ask for help, we can actually block ourselves from hearing their guidance. So, asking is the essential key.

You can request aid from God, Holy Spirit, Jesus (or other ascended masters), the archangels, your guardian angel, or a deceased loved one in so many different ways:

  1. Think the thought: Help me! Heaven hears our thoughts, and responds with assistance.
  2. Speak your request aloud. The words you choose, and the way that you say them, are unimportant. What counts is sincerity.
  3. Write a letter to heaven. Pour your heart out, including all your fears, worries, and hopes. Again, don’t worry about being “proper.” They’re angels, not English teachers.
  4. Invite them into your dreams. Before falling asleep, pray to have a connection with your angels. Invite them (or a particular being in heaven) into your dreams. It’s also helpful to write down your prayer and place the piece of paper under your pillow.  Ask for a sign. Ask your angels to make their presence known. Don’t specify how you want the sign to appear. Let the angels surprise you with their method. But do ask the angels to make it a very clear sign that you won’t overlook.
  5. Ask for faith. If you find yourself filled with self-doubt, ask your angels to boost your spiritual confidence. Even if you’re unsure whether you have angels, or whether they really exist, ask anyway. The easiest way is to mentally speak to your angels before falling asleep. Appeal to them to buoy your faith, and to connect with you so that you’re sure of their presence. 

You are surrounded by angels, right now. Even if you’re a nonbeliever, you have guardian angels who love you, and who are with you, at this very moment. Close your eyes for a moment, breathe deeply, and feel their presence. If you still can’t sense the angels, keep going. They’re even more motivated to make their presence known than you are. They love you so much, and want to become more involved in your life.

Imagine for a moment what it must be like to be a guardian angel. Do you think it’s a stressful or frustrating job? Our angels’ purpose is to help bring peace upon Earth, one person at a time. When we ask for help, and allow them to help us, we’re helping the angels fulfill their missions.

When my guardian angel saved my life during an armed carjacking in July of 1995, I learned a very important lesson: God could send angels to help save my life, but it was up to me to accept that help. A voice had warned me that my car would be stolen that day unless I put the top up on my convertible. I ignored this warning, and it almost cost me my life. Fortunately, during the carjacking, the angels gave me a second chance. They told me to scream with all my might! This time I listened!

My life was spared because I allowed God and the angels to help me. That moment changed me forever. I now know the importance of asking the angels for help, and then following their guidance when it comes. This may be one of the most important positive habits that anyone can develop.

Connecting with our angels, then, is much more than a personal-growth venture. It’s a relationship that helps us remember and work on our Divine life purpose, and to enact God’s plan of peace. It’s a relationship that could make a life-and-death difference for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our relationship with God, the ascended masters, our angels, and deceased loved ones can ultimately help us love ourselves and others more deeply. By opening our hearts to heaven, we literally open to life itself. In that way, we can all become earth angels.

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