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Connecting With Amy Winehouse In Spirit

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Connecting With Amy Winehouse In Spirit

Is Amy Coming Back For Another Go-Round?
Susan Lander
Susan Lander More by this author
Jul 30, 2015 at 09:30 AM

My book, Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from History-Makers and Celebrities on the Other Side, came out last August. As a psychic medium, I channeled interviews with 22 celebrity spirits who were famous (or infamous) during their time on earth. Once I finished the book, the spirits just kept coming, including the spirit who was the amazingly talented, Grammy-Award winning  singer,  Amy Winehouse. She died of alcohol poisoning in 2011 at the age of 27. 

She came through looking exactly as she did in life—beehive hairdo, heavy eye makeup, thin. There was something about her that felt very humble and almost shy.

Here are some highlights of what Amy Winehouse's spirit shared with me:

The Reluctant Star

“In many ways I was just a regular girl. But I spoke to people from the heart. People thought I understood their suffering, which I did. They gave me access to their hearts, and I am deeply grateful for that.

Did I want to be famous?  I would rather say that I was compelled to spread my message and to make my voice heard. But at the same time, I wasn’t prepared for the pressures of fame, and I hadn’t the founda-tion or capability to really handle it. You cannot imagine the pres-sure—it was as if I could never do enough.

The drugs and alcohol helped me get through the day. It numbed the pain. I couldn’t understand people’s feelings about me, and I didn’t feel worthy of the success, the attention and the awards. I see now that I acted in a way that helped bring about my downfall. I had many pro-jects in the pipeline that were left unfinished, and there was so much more that I wanted to do. But now I’m excited about my future. In a spiritual sense, the problem isn’t in the failing, the problem is if you don’t continue trying.”

Whose Fault Was It?

“On earth I had found my ultimate soul mate, and all soul mates aren’t hearts and flowers. Many times the closest soul mates give us the hardest lessons. Oh, I loved him from the depths. More than myself most of the time, which is where I went wrong. It should never be like that. He didn’t always make the best choices, and I followed him right down that path. That decision was my choice and my responsibility. I cannot and will not blame him for the choices I made. I was in pain, and that’s why I did the things I did.”

Her Advice

“For those who are using drugs and alcohol as a way to get through the day, through life, it’s not worth the high in the long run. But I want my message to be upbeat and hopeful, because in the end, life is about opportunity. Everyone reading this still has the potential to be suc-cessful at the game of life. So please get help when you need it and take it seriously. It is worth the pain and the struggle of kicking it.
If I can offer one piece of advice, it’s to give yourself a reality check and watch what you’re doing in all the areas of your life—your fami-ly, your relationships, your job, and how you treat yourself. This is your go-round! People think I lost the battle when I died. No, I lost the battle when I let my fears guide me, and that was much earlier.”

On The “Amy” Documentary

“I have mixed feelings about the movie. How can you reduce any life to two hours and do it justice? And who likes to watch themselves at their lowest point? It’s painful. But this is life; we make choices.

I’m planning to come back soon. I’m working out the details. It looks like I will be a musician, or someone in the public eye. I just hope to do better next time. When I come back again, I hope to make different choices. If the movie helps even one person clean up his or her life and make a different choice, it’s worth it. I appreciate that people come to the movie and I hope they learn this: don’t waste your life.

But I’m honored to be remembered, really, so I thank the filmmakers. And from over here it’s much easier to be proud about my life and my accomplishments. 

I’m still catching up to what happened. I was just a person living my life and this huge thing happened. Yes, I had problems and challenges, but that is just part of earth life. That didn’t stop me from sharing my gift of music with all of you. I would like my music to be remem-bered. Because every time you listen to my music, I am still alive.

To my loves, family, friends and fans: I love you. Please don’t be sad for me. Know that I am at peace now and am revving up for my next show.” 

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