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Contact Celebrities in the Spirit World!

Did Elvis coach the latest American Idol?
Sonia  Choquette
Sonia Choquette More by this author
Sep 04, 2009 at 10:00 AM

The most interesting helpers from the Spirit World tend to be deceased famous people. And if you wish, you can actually invoke such past masters to help you. For example, I often call on the famous medium and spiritualist Edgar Cayce to help me with my work as a psychic, especially on issues of health and past lives. In many cases, he’s helped me understand these issues better than any other guide.

My friend Julia Cameron, the well-known writer and playwright, invokes Rodgers and Hammerstein to help on her musicals; and John Newland, the famous director, to help her with her plays. Similarly, a client of mine who’s a young female doctor regularly invokes research chemist Marie Curie to help her with proper diagnosis.

Celebrity helper guides are wonderful for aiding with creativity, as evidenced by my friend, rock star Billy Corgan. Billy once told me that, while working on his first solo album, The Future Embrace, he felt as though he were being fed specific musical compositions from masterful musicians in the heavens. And after hearing his music, I was sure that he was helped, as it carried a beautiful celestial energy.

I know of another young songwriter who invokes the spirit of John Lennon to help him write songs; and just look at all the people who have invoked Elvis Presley—obviously he’s helping or there wouldn’t be an entire industry of people perpetuating his great music, making a living at it, and having a blast doing so!

My mother began studying painting by taking correspondence classes when I was a young girl. She was so intent on becoming proficient at it that she progressed rapidly, and before long she started entering contests. Whenever she got stuck on a project, she sat down and prayed for help. In response, a Renaissance painter named Fra Angelico showed up in her dream state to give her specific tips on how to improve her work. He guided her through one particularly difficult painting, and did such a good job at instructing her that she won a national contest with it!

Invoking famous people to help you may seem like a bold or outrageous idea, but why not? These souls took their talents to a masterful level and are more than willing to share what they’ve learned from the Other Side. After all, Hillary Clinton invoked Eleanor Roosevelt to help her when she was First Lady. At the time, people laughed, but I thought it was brilliant. . . . And considering all that occurred while Mrs. Clinton was in that position—and where she is today—I’d say that she was definitely helped.

Even my daughter, who’s challenged by math and science, has no inhibitions about asking for the very best tutors to aid her, including Einstein (whom she calls on a regular basis). Does he answer? Well, she passes her classes—and even got A’s this year—so I think he definitely does.

If you need assistance in a special area and can call to mind a famous person who’s crossed over into spirit, simply identify them and invoke their support. To do this, get a picture of them if you can; if not, write down their name, meditate on their spirit, and then request that they come forward to help you. There’s no need to beg since they’re in spirit and don’t have egos anymore—just ask for help, plain and simple, and be as specific as you can.

And here’s a word to the wise: Sometimes people tend to act a little silly around famous people and make themselves small in their presence . . . even dead ones, believe it or not. Just remember that on a soul level, we’re all part of one spirit and one family that simply resonates at different levels—but there’s no separation. So when asking, remember that their role is to support your creativity and not to simply give you their ideas. Helpers (even famous ones) don’t see you as small: You’re magnificent, and they know this and want to help you discover it, too.

To invoke your helper guides—famous or familiar, friends or family, personally known or otherwise—focus on which areas you’d like help in and then ask for the highest level of expertise to assist you. It’s wonderful to call in past family members or friends, but be careful—just because they’re out of body doesn’t necessarily make them instantly enlightened.

If they were talented in a certain area when they were alive, your loved ones can be helpful from the spirit plane in that area as well. But if your mother was a hopeless gambler, for example, don’t seek her help on debt. By contrast, if your grandmother was happily married to the same man for 60 years before she died, she might be a great resource to help you with your marriage difficulties or relationship challenges.

Just remember to use common sense when asking for help, just as you would when asking people for help on this plane. Open your heart, quiet your mind, and listen for their guidance . . . it will come.

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