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Crystals Will Rock Your World

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Crystals Will Rock Your World

The healing powers of the gemstones around you.
Judith  Lukomski
Judith Lukomski More by this author
Jul 24, 2009 at 10:00 AM

Have you noticed that crystals are showing up everywhere? Amethyst geodes are the new trend in home and office décor. Magazines are highlighting advertisements touting rose quartz and tourmaline as new beauty aids. Natural stone jewelry is the rage. Reports of energetic and crystal healings now enter into conversations on vibrational medicine. Gemstones have been used globally as personal adornments, in trade and as medicinal instruments for centuries, so why the interest now? Ancient information is now recalled increasing individual and planetary awareness.

Humankind has been intrigued with crystals since the initial glimmer of “ice” in the dirt and the many practical gifts of the mineral kingdom were discovered. From first providing shelter in caves and flint sparking fire, to discovering therapeutic attributes and quartz-initiating technology, rocks have been partners in our evolution. Accounts of crystal cities where inhabitants with extraordinary abilities existed are found in the earliest recorded history.

This fascination with the crystal legacy and what lies beyond the physical world continues. In the midst of routine activities, a shift to mystical awareness is underway. Extraordinary discoveries are now openly discussed. Ideas like quantum physics and the ability to create health through beliefs have entered the collective psyche supported by scientific studies, docudramas, and personal experiences. Books on spiritual topics are bestsellers; contemporary movies and television shows, focus on angels, life after death, and psychic abilities. People are opening their minds and hearts to look beyond the physical, and embracing the realm of possibilities to produce epic global change.

The rising crystal consciousness is a vital part of this shift. It reflects the foundational belief that there are energetic relationships, which can assist us in our advancement as spiritual beings. Heaven and earth have provided powerful partners in the form of angels and crystals to aid us in co-creating a life of fulfillment. Prayer is proven to speed healing. Science has demonstrated that crystals can generate, amplify, channel, and accelerate energy. Each geological element and combination thereof, has a unique message and vibration, which can support our efforts.

Learning to incorporate crystal energies transformed the world. Mass communication became commonplace when it was discovered that quartz crystals could act as conduit for radio waves. Today, piezoelectricity (the process in which crystals interact to modify vibration) is an accepted part of life, from clock circuits and microchip processors, to satellite and sonar technology. With the application of crystalline energy the world has reformed itself with a heightened acceleration of change in which people are dealing with an environment that is moving at warp speed.

This feeling of perpetual motion is usually the catalyst that causes people to begin inward contemplation and reach out for guidance. When clients visit me for crystal healing or intuitive sessions, they frequently share a feeling. “Something’s just not right….”  Consistently, individuals are looking for help with finances, relationships, health concerns or career direction; all the normal issues, woven into the tapestry of life.  I’ve seen remarkable changes as people choose to change perceptions and old patterns in conjunction with crystal therapy.

With the recent economic trend one of the most frequent concerns I hear relates to money. As John Randolph Price eloquently stated in the Abundance Book money is “My Own Natural Energy Yield.” So we begin the session with key questions:  How are you using the gift of your energy?  What are you creating or not based on your beliefs?  Once the client is aware, golden rays of citrine are invoked during meditation to direct and amplify intentions drawing increased abundance. Often these consultations result in intense change.

A favorite example is when a client connected with the Abundance Grid from the book Crystal Therapy. Using this tool along with standard processes of career expansion Mary was offered a position with a much better salary and a shorter commute, increasing both time and money in her life within days. She was ecstatic!

Many people I meet are interested in creating a romantic relationship yet, are locked energetically. Some of the most powerful results come from answering a few inquires with complete honesty: Do you really have room for a new relationships?  Have you let go of old partnerships and lingering desires?  Yes?  Then rose quartz and pink topaz can help to activate the heart center. Working these crystals generate a vibration of unconditional love and acceptance.

Health concerns are a top consideration. Learning the therapeutic associations and application of minerals can assist in relieving the discomfort of illness. Copper works wonders for arthritis while ruby can assist with circulatory problems. Individuals have experienced incredible results, receiving relief from physical ailments by applying stones with consideration.  One client who had eye problems shares “…I have come to realize that I have many issues in my life that I have NOT faced, previously refusing to ‘see’. I have utilized meditation techniques with a specific stone (a snowflake obsidian) that Judith has taught me and have made positive changes in my life conducive to healing and seeing more clearly….” 

During a crystal therapy session the client begins to discern what truly is important to them through guided interaction. They receive the benefits of laying-on-of-stones, which ensures optimum energy release and increases positive flow through a meditative process.  You, too, can realize the powerful healing influence of crystals at home. For every area of life there is a gem to assist you. Trust yourself; you’ll be drawn to the perfect stone. Whether used as touchstone, meditative tool, healing instrument, or jewelry adornment, crystals stand ready to rock your world.

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Judith  Lukomski
Judith Lukomski is a caring, gifted intuitive, crystal energy worker, teacher, author and speaker. She connects with the messengers of heaven and earth to channel the vast wisdom of universal knowledge. Continue reading