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Cut Calories and Drop Pounds?

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Cut Calories and Drop Pounds?

Marcelle  Pick
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Jun 02, 2011 at 04:30 AM 0 comments

It never ceases to amaze me how many myths we’re bombarded with concerning diet, exercise, and weight. Following are some common myths that I hear frequently from my patients. Have you heard them, too? Have you begun to realize that they’re false?

Myth: Cutting fat and calories is all you need to do to lose weight.

Fact: A low-fat, low-calorie diet is not good for most women. The quality of the food you eat is the key factor in a healthy diet. Food is information. Your adrenal imbalance is also a nutritional imbalance. Your body is craving certain types of nutrients and, without them, your adrenals can’t function properly. And if your adrenals aren’t functioning properly, you’ll find it very difficult to lose weight. Since we’ve gone low-fat/no-fat, obesity rates have actually increased. So make sure you get the good-quality fats that you need, or you may actually gain weight.

Myth: Vigorous exercise is beneficial to any weight-loss program.

Fact: If you’re suffering from adrenal imbalance, too much exertion will actually have the opposite effect, raising your stress levels and driving your body to produce more cortisol, which will contribute to fatigue as well as interfere with your weight loss. Depending on your adrenals, moderate or gentle exercise may be better for you, at least for a while.

Myth: It doesn’t matter what kind of food you eat, as long as it’s low-fat or low-calorie.

Fact: Different food has different impacts on different body types. The quality of the food is crucial, since food speaks to your genes. If you don’t address the hormonal imbalances that are driving your weight gain, just reducing caloric intake won’t help. Your body will continue to produce cortisol, a hormone that drives your body to hold onto fat, as well as creating other metabolic imbalances.

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