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Women's Wisdom Daily Affirmations by Dr. Christiane Northrup

1228 Dr. Christiane Northrup
Dr. Christiane Northrup

Women's Wisdom

Wake up all the desire and pleasure that your body is capable of experiencing, let your past go, and follow your bliss just for the health of it.



woman on beach in winter
An Aspirin A Day For more than a decade , doctors have been prescribing a low, daily dose of aspirin to people at risk for heart attacks and strokes. This treatment,... Comments
mother and adult daughter
How Mothers Influence Their Daughters The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman’s health. Our bodies and our beliefs about them were formed in the soil of our... Comments
Be a Lean Midlife Goddess Many women struggle to maintain a healthy weight and develop a “spare tire” around their waist at midlife. This often starts around the time they... Comments


Dr. Christiane Northrup - Menopause and Beyond: Reinvent Yourself!

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Goddesses Never Age
Goddesses Never Age

 Dr. Northrup lays out the principles of ageless living, from rejecting processed foods to releasing stuck emotions, from embracing our sensuality to connecting deeply with our Divine Source.

Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl presents this simple but important message: that to be born a girl is a very special thing and carries with it magical gifts and powers that must be recognized and nurtured.