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Dance Your Problems Away

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Dance Your Problems Away

Let the Spirit move you!
Colette  Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid More by this author
Sep 18, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Everything is changing and moving into new unknowns. With the umbrella in the skies of difficult astrological influences last experienced during the American Revolution, we have been experiencing these energies within us—a timely inner revolutionary cycle requiring us to become authentic and true to our highest good.

We’re being called to find our center that pulsates deep within us as the outer world shakes and shimmies into its new form. This is our dance. Nature beats a rhythm of her own, in her own way of clearing the path for new life, a new world and a new way of being in that world. And Spirit is waiting with new music. Can you listen? Can you hear it?

The invitation to dance in sync with the big drum of co-creation is for all of us, all of life together, and it’s rising in the ethers soon to be upon us. Spirit, Nature and You!

So put on some music and get into a rhythm of joy, of celebration, of gratitude, and embrace your life!

What would your best life look life?

Dance it to life!

What would it feel like if you sent all your goblins of fear to bed to go to sleep?

Dance that into being!

What would your life become if you could find expression for all the gifts and talents Spirit has bestowed upon you?

Here is a 30-day plan that really works to help shift your energy from fear to faith, from ebb to flow, from denial to clarity, from sadness to joy, poverty to abundance!

Tools you will need:

  • One song that is upbeat and danceable chosen by you to listen to once a day while envisioning your best life.
  • Your favorite aromatherapy spray (preferably one that has lavender, sage, eucalyptus, orange or lemon in it).
  • A piece of apple, orange, or chocolate.
  • A photo of you when you were around 4 to 6 years old.
  • An affirmation list ( you create this personally).
  • A talisman, stone or object that you choose to represent your dreams coming true.
  • A spiritual symbol (angel wings, cross, ankh or a crystal).

First: Commit to a partnership with Spirit. Pray daily with reverence that you will serve and trust in this partnership. Although Spirit will be working in the invisible realms, trust that you will do your part. You will do the legwork and Spirit will do the rest.

Second: Write a letter to the little child in the photo promising her/him that you will protect and love them, and assure them that good positive things are true for them! Apologize for not giving them the life they deserved and let them know how you’re going to look after them. (For example: stop smoking, stop your addictions, take steps toward a long cherished dream and so on.)

Third: Imagine that you can see your fears embodied in the character of a goblin who is sitting in a basket. Let the goblin talk to you, identify each fear or issue without judgment, placing the words, ideas and emotions back into the basket with the little goblin. Imagine giving the basket to Spirit and the goblin immediately falling asleep. Spend some time in the freedom and peace you feel knowing that Spirit is in charge and all will be well.

Fourth: For 5 to 10 minutes each day, do the following Dancing Affirmation:

(Place the symbols of Spirit, your best life, and your photo where you can see them. Spray the aromatherapy mist and eat a teeny bite of fruit or chocolate. This anchors your vision into form.)

Listen to your music and chant:

Spirit is the source of inspiration and the source of my supply!

Spirit is all around and also here inside!

Life is New and Life is Grand!

I expect Miracles!

I expect Miracles!

Imagine a bright pink light in your heart center that sparkles with a steady light. When you dance, your light sends out teeny filaments and connects you to all of life. Send your love into the web and intend for healing to occur for everyone that needs it. Imagine it coming back to you in a perfect flow.

Do this daily for 30 days with gusto. Anytime you experience fear, put your goblin in the basket and hand it to Spirit. You will feel empowered!

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Colette  Baron-Reid
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