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Did You Eat Your Protein Today?

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Did You Eat Your Protein Today?

The most important nutrient of all.
Frank  Sepe
Frank Sepe More by this author
Oct 05, 2009 at 10:00 AM

I believe that protein is the most important nutrient of all. I can almost guarantee that you didn’t eat enough protein today—in fact, I’d be willing to bet the house that you haven’t eaten enough for about 90 percent of the days you’ve been alive. After all, it’s easier for most of us to reach for that sugary carbohydrate than a chicken breast.

Why is protein so important? Because it’s the only nutrient that actually feeds the lean muscle tissue in your body. If you don’t take in enough protein, you’ll lose lean muscle tissue. Remember that your goal is to lose body fat, not muscle tissue—without it, your body will lack that toned, shaped appearance that enhances everyone’s appearance.

Have you ever seen someone who’s lost a lot of weight but doesn’t look all that great? They tend to look like a smaller, almost flabbier version of their former self. (I could mention a few top actors, but why get myself in trouble?) These people have lost significant muscle tissue along with their fat, so their skin almost hangs off them because the muscle is no longer there to form the shape of their bodies. Some examples of high-quality, protein-rich foods include chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites, protein powders, and lean red meat.

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Frank  Sepe
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