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Holistic Vet, Dennis Thomas Shares A Secret For Pets With Chronic Health Issues
Dr. Dennis Thomas
Dr. Dennis Thomas More by this author
Sep 10, 2015 at 03:00 PM

When we approach our pet’s health from an holistic perspective then we broaden our awareness to include all things that have an influence on its health. This includes the awareness that the physical body exists simultaneously as both a material body and an energetic body. It also includes the awareness that the material body’s function, both in health and disease, follows specific science and logic, and that the energetic body’s function, in both health and disease, follows a different science and logic. Like playing checkers or chess. You can’t play one game and use the other game’s rules. It won’t work. 


Traditional medicine, both animal and human, specifically focuses on the material body and uses evidence based on the science and laws of the material world. This has proven to be very effective in handling health care from that perspective. However, traditional, allopathic medicine, completely ignores the existence of an energetic body and the energetic influences that have great affects on the manifestation of health in the material body. 

Energetic Influences Are 100 Times Greater

Using the science of quantum physics, we absolutely know that the energetic body not only influences the material body, but is also the major influence providing direction for the body’s functioning. Research indicates that the energetic influences are 100 times greater than the material or physical influences on cellular function. It seems logical that if we were to ignore the most important factors (energetic) that influence the body’s health, we would be severely limiting our ability to direct health and healing. 

When we accept the reality that subtle energy (that energy that is not detectable by our senses) is the major influence in our pet’s physical body, we must start by understanding how subtle energy works, and how it directs the health of the body. 

Let’s start by understanding where the energetic influences come from. They originate outside the body. These energetic influences mostly come from the outside environment. Each moment of our pet’s physical existence, has outside energetic influences that stimulate its cells to function normally or abnormally. 

Abnormal Cell Function

•    Bad, or distorted energy, might come from things in the environment, such as EMFs coming from nearby power lines, 
•    Unhealthy energy can also come from computers or cell phones, microwaves, or many other sources.

By far the most influential energy that your pet is exposed to is your overall energetic state. Yes, the major influence that directs your pets health and well being is your perceived state of being. 

Now, we might immediately react by thinking, “Oh, great. Now I can feel guilty about contributing to my pet’s health problems.” That thought might occur, but it is not the way to help restore health and well being. A more productive thought might be, “How can I empower myself to move my pet’s health in a more positive direction?” If we don’t know what we don’t know, then we can’t help but feel powerless in the face of life’s unfolding. If we become aware of our influence on our pet’s health, we can use positive energy to change things. We can create a healthy environment that will manifest itself in the material body of our pet, and ourselves. 

Our Pet's Health Can Reflect Our Own

I’ve studied the relationships between people and their pets for 35 years. I want to make clear that I am not saying that we have the power to control life and death. Everything that lives will eventually die. But what my years of observation have taught me is that when our pet develops a chronic or fatal disease, the form of that disease often reflects our perspective on life. If we open ourselves to learn from the experience, we will find that the emotions we are experiencing, when we think about our pet’s health condition, are likely the emotions that participated in the development of the problem in the first place. It is as though the sick pet is a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the caretaker’s perceived reality about life itself. If I am frustrated with life and this perception persists long enough, the energy that is created will influence my reality. 

When I see a person who is chronically frustrated with their job, or relationships, it does not surprise me when their pet develops a chronic illness. And when someone views life as painful and fearful, the way their pet passes on may be influenced by that attitude. If we’re aware of this, we have a choice. We can ignore the larger truth and convince ourselves that we are victims of circumstance, or we can empower ourselves and move through the false perceptions to find the larger truth on the other side. This is one of the many ways that our pets teach us to find the larger truth about ourselves and our lives. 

It is not hard to see how things happen if we can pull back and separate ourselves from the negative energy that keeps us down in the fearful energies. If my pet has a chronic problem, I will most likely have compassion and empathy, and attempt to do my best at resolving the problem. If the problem does not get resolved, in time my focus of attention will move from the pet to me in order to get resolution from the problem that is causing me so much discomfort. We do this without even being aware of the situation. In time, the intention to resolve the issue may have little to do with the pet’s health, other than it getting better so I will feel better. 

If we don’t recognize this happening, we will miss the opportunity to objectively look at the negative emotions (negative energy) that is not only interfering with the pet’s healing, but was also most likely the external environmental energetic influence that was a major factor in the expression of the disease itself. 

Now that we understand how negative energy affects the overall health of ourselves and our pets, we can use the laws of subtle energy to create a new reality that will manifest as perfect health and well being. This can be done in many ways but the best way is based on the reason that you are reading this article. You love your pet. 

Focused Attention Is All It Takes

In order to move subtle energy to direct healing, we have but one method. That is focused intention. When we place ourselves in a mindful state and focus our intention on perfect health and well being, and believe that the outcome will occur, our reality will change. The changes may be subtle at first, but these are universal laws, and change will occur. The difficulty lies in knowing how to do this.

The Key Is Being In A Mindful State

Many people have a hard time finding a mindful state in which to initiate a focused intention. Our ego-ruled brain is so busy trying to direct us that it interferes with our ability to find our true self. When we attempt to focus our intention, the ego tells us we aren’t doing this right, this is not working, and soon we get frustrated and give up. It seems that this is a bad thing but it is actually not. If we had the ability to direct focused intention to create our reality from our thoughts alone, every time we told someone to “drop dead,” they would. .

I am going to give you the ability to bypass the busy, monkey thoughts and go directly to mindfullness where you can plant the seed of healing. In order to be mindful, we have to connect to source energy. Source energy is synonymous with Absolute, subatomic energy, the field, spirit, or God. All of these concepts are synonymous with Love. Therefore, we need to reconnect with pure, unconditional Love. How? With our beloved pets. 

Make Time Each Day To Truly Connect With Your Pet

When we make time each day to sit down with our pet and re-connect with our love for them, we begin the process. Being in a mindful state (Love/Peace) combined with focused intention, and belief in the outcome is what directs healing. You don’t have to sit and meditate for two hours, just connect with your pet, focus your awareness on the loving gratitude that you have for her until you feel your heart open and you are connected, heart to heart. Then re-focus your awareness on the thought (and all the feelings associated with it), “I am perfect health and well being. (Pet’s name) is perfect health and well being. So it is.” That’s it. You have aligned yourself with the same energy that created the cosmos. All you have to do now, is believe. 

When you understand how subtle energy works and how your energy affects the health of your pet, you can empower yourself to change your reality, your world, and your own and your beloved pet’s health and well being. 

Dennis Thomas explains more about healing  your pet this way in his book, Whole-Pet Healing.

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Dr. Dennis Thomas
Dr. Dennis Thomas has been a veterinarian for more than 30 years. After two decades of practicing Western allopathic veterinary medicine, he learned Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Continue reading