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Do You Believe in Fairies?

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Do You Believe in Fairies?

Nature spirits are here to help.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jul 18, 2011 at 10:00 AM

If you believe in fairies, you’re not alone. In my global travels, I meet people worldwide who tell me about their encounters with the magical fairy realms. They fondly recall childhood experiences of connecting with fairies, and some continue to talk with these beings as adults. I didn’t see my first fairy until adulthood. Since then, I’ve developed a benevolent and loving relationship with these beings. I have enormous respect for their mission of healing the environment, protecting animals, and reminding us of the importance of play.

Fairies are angels who reside very close to the earth so that they can perform their Divine mission. Some fairies have wings like dragonflies, while others have butterfly-like wings. Unlike guardian and archangels, fairies have egos. In this way, they’re similar to humans in that they make judgments. When fairies meet you, they judge you for how you treat the environment and animals.

Fairies don’t expect anyone to be perfect. However, if you do your best to recycle, use nontoxic cleaning supplies, are kind to animals, and such, then fairies will give you their high regard and grant you favors. If the fairies judge that you’re unkind to the environment or animals, they may play tricks on you. This is why they have mischievous reputations.

Fairies are sometimes called “faeries” or “fae.” Yet no matter what you call them or how you spell their names, the fairies genuinely want to help you live a healthier, happier, and more prosperous life. Because they’re so close to the earth, the fairies can assist you with material concerns involving money, home, health, your gardens, and your pets.

Fairies remind us to lighten up, play, and enjoy life more often. They love parties, music, and dance. They also love rich sweets, and some elementals have been known to drink alcohol. Yet in spite of their mirth, they still get their responsibilities met—which is one of their lessons to all of us.

The fairies remind us that:

  • Life is joyful and fun.
  • Nature needs and deserves our respect.
  • Animals are our brothers and sisters.
  • Everything is alive.
  • Play is very important.

Unlike humans, the fairies are pretty uncomplicated beings. They want to peacefully coexist with people, so if you reach out to them, they’ll reach back to you. Here are some things that are especially meaningful to fairies to show your desire to connect with them and help them with their global mission:

  1. Keep bird feeders full of food and water in your yard.
  2. Place unwrapped candy outdoors for the fairies to enjoy, especially chocolate.
  3. Plant bell-shaped flowers in your garden.
  4. Switch to Earth-friendly soap, shampoo, and cleaning supplies (available at any health food store).
  5. Eat a vegan diet, or only buy humanely treated animals and animal products from organic farms.
  6. Donate time or money to environmental or animal-rights charities.
  7. Put statues of fairies or gnomes in your garden.
  8. Hang crystals from your trees, and put them, or other shiny objects, in your yard.
  9. Warn the fairies before you mow the grass, don’t use pesticides, and celebrate when toadstools or mushrooms appear in your yard because that means the fairies have taken up residence in your garden.
  10. Relax and play in your yard, especially with music in the background.

The more people who believe in fairies, the more power they have. This power allows them to clean the earth, air, and waters. Please join me in affirming the immortal words of Peter Pan: “I do believe in fairies…I do, I do, I do!” These words brought Tinkerbell back to life, and they can also give more life and energy to fairies everywhere.

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