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Do You Belong to a Book Club?

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Do You Belong to a Book Club?

Hay House
Sep 25, 2013 at 03:15 AM 0 comments

Do you have an insatiable appetite for reading? Do you have more books than bookshelves to put them on? Would you rather be reading your favorite book right now? Working at Hay House certainly feeds my own passion for reading as I’m surrounded daily by heaps of inspiring, compelling, edgy, funny and mind-jarring books. And where do you think you’d find me in my spare time? Certainly not in a local bookstore casing the shelves for something to tickle my brain or on Amazon or B&N checking out their latest ebook recommendations? That couldn’t be me rummaging through a dusty box of old books at a neighborhood garage sale? Oh yeah! That would be me! And I’m willing to bet that since you’re a Present Moments newsletter subscriber, you’re probably there too, digging through the box next to me!

This month, we’re celebrating all of our Hay House book lovers, book clubbers and avid readers. We’d like to hear from you and how you feed your passion for reading. Do you belong to a Book Club? We started our Hay House Book Club about two years ago. It was the brainchild of our rockin’ radio manager Diane Ray. Each month, Diane chooses one of our hottest Hay House releases that will spark some compelling conversation and gathers a couple of friends in the office or nearby areas. Then we sit in one of the recording studios and discuss how this particular book has empowered our lives. But being at Hay House has extra advantages. We tape each of our discussions and air them on Hay House Radio AND we get to invite the awesome author of our monthly book selection to join our conversation!

For our latest Book Club show, we had a blast discussing Hay House’s newest New York Times Bestseller—E-Squared by Pam Grout. If you haven’t read it yet, E-Squared is filled with very simple experiments that Pam created to actually prove that we can create our reality with our thoughts. Remember all the hoopla over the movie, The Secret? Well, Pam takes the concepts of quantum physics and the law of attraction to a whole new level—one that you can really understand and have fun with. She then weaves this universal wisdom into exercises that will blow you away when you see how quickly they work. And all they require is a little thought and a lot of potentiality! Pam has such a beautiful flare for writing, which makes it easy for any reader to resonate with her words and humorous anecdotes. Uh-oh, I promised Diane I wouldn’t give away too many of the highlights. So if you want to hear more, you’ll have to listen to the Hay House Book Club’s show on E-Squared. This show is airing now. Click here to listen »

Do you have a Book Club that you belong to that may enjoy discussing Pam’s E-Squared book? We want to hear from you! The Hay House Book Club invites you to tell us about your Book Club. Send us an email and include your club’s name, how many members you have, how you choose the books you discuss and why this club rocks your reading life. We will send each Book Club that contacts us a complimentary copy of Pam Grout’s new book E-Squared and our Book Club Discussion Questions. We want you to have as much fun as we did with this awe-inspiring and mind-blowing book selection.

Send your letter to: We look forward to hearing from you! And we’ll be sharing some of your letters and club information on our Hay House Radio Facebook Page. So if you have some photos, please send them along, too. Remember to include your club facilitator’s mailing address!

Reading ROCKS!

Donna Abate

Website Manager

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