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Do You Have a Rebellious Forehead?

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Do You Have a Rebellious Forehead?

Brad Pitt does!
Jean  Haner
Jean Haner More by this author
Jun 25, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Someone asked me the other day, “Whenever I wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail, I notice how uneven my hairline is along the top of my forehead. Is there any meaning to this?”

Yes, even the characteristics of your hairline can help you understand yourself and your life experiences. One of the classic messages your hairline reveals is the story of your adolescence. An uneven hairline means that you struggled during that period of your life.

You might think, “Well, who didn’t have a difficult adolescence?!” Indeed, this is usually a powerful time in our lives, when our bodies are going through changes, our emotions are all over the place, and our brains are not yet mature enough to always make good choices!

But there are people who didn’t have significant troubles during this time in their life. That doesn’t always mean that everything was peachy. It can indicate that they were suppressing issues that then emerged at a later time for them to have to deal with.

If someone has a perfectly rounded hairline, it can mean that adolescence was a breeze. Or it can signify they were very, very “good” girls or boys at that time and didn’t feel they could be their true selves.

In Chinese face reading, the hairline is sometimes referred to as “Mother’s Influence.” It’s believed that one of mother’s gifts to her children is to socialize them; teach them the rules of society so that they will be accepted and survive. It’s usually your mother who teaches you manners and the social skills you need to know in order to give others a good impression.

But a mother’s influence is supposed to be gentle guidance, not a heavy hand. If she’s overbearing or too stuck in her own opinions about who you should be and how you should behave, then you’re not allowed to be your true self; your spirit can feel suppressed. It can take you much longer in life to figure out who you really are because your mother’s voice is too strong in your head—even years after you’ve grown up and left home.

Heavy “Mother’s Influence” shows as a perfectly rounded hairline, with no unevenness. Sometimes, there are also wisps of very fine hairs along the edges. If you have a hairline like this, you may find that it’s wasn’t until you were in your 30s that you really began to feel you were emerging from the effects of this influence.

An uneven hairline can signify that your mother (or whoever acted in that role) didn’t have a very strong effect on you—whether this was due to life circumstances, your resistance, or your mother’s personality. An uneven hairline can also mean that you were figuring yourself out at an early age, probably through trial and error.

If a woman’s hairline changes so that it suddenly becomes uneven when it wasn’t before, this can give a different message. Changes like this can mean hormonal problems, or that she’s been burning herself out and really needs to pay attention to replenishing her energy.

There are other kinds of hairlines—aside from even or uneven. A common hairline you’ll see is one that goes straight across in a defined horizontal line. Actor Brad Pitt has a good example of this. The meaning it conveys is that this person has a rebellious streak, and will tend to challenge the rules. But it’s also a sign that it’s important to them to create positive change in the world. Sometimes the rules are wrong and need to be broken!

Another type of hairline appears to go back diagonally in the corners of the forehead. It can be this way from birth or it can develop over time. Actor Pierce Brosnan’s hairline has become an example of this kind, which is called: “Expansive Mind.” It reveals an open-minded nature, and someone who can access both the logical and intuitive sides of their brains as they deal with life. They don’t depend just on their rational brain, but can also use their instincts to quickly solve problems in more innovative ways.

With all aspects of the face, there is no “good” or “bad” kind of hairline—each type just gives you another piece of the puzzle about who that person is and what your experience with them will be.

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