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Do You See Signs?

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Do You See Signs?

They may be coming from Heaven.
Kyle  Gray
Mar 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Have you had the feeling that heaven is trying to send you a sign? Do you feel like you have had a miraculously spiritual experience? Has something odd occurred and you just haven’t understood it? This article is for you!

I have had spiritual experiences ever since I was a kid. At four years old I was visited from beyond the grave by my maternal Grandmother. We had such an infinitely amazing bond, I was her boy and she was mine.

My Nana, as I called her, had various health challenges including lymphoma cancer and she was restricted to a wheelchair. At first she lived with us but as her health deteriorated she went to stay at the hospital.

I remember one evening my parents were going to visit my grandmother late at night and our neighbor Margaret who I was also close to Nana came to look after me. I trusted Margaret so I knew when I went to bed that night that I was safe.

Through the night, I remember feeling someone sitting on the end of my bed in my pastel blue bedroom. I could feel the heat off of them and I looked up to see who it was. There she was, my soulmate. Nana was home.

My thoughts were Nana’s home, she’s all better now. It was as if she had dropped by to make sure I was okay on her way home from the hospital.

The next morning my Mom opened up my bedroom curtains to let the day light in. She looked okay as far as I could see, but I could tell she had been crying. My mom got me ready for the day ahead and to my surprise Nana was not home. I had been asking where my Nana was and no one really answered my question.

It was revealed to me later that day that she had gone to heaven. As a boy who went faithfully to Sunday school every week, I knew heaven existed. I knew it as this place in the sky that we will all return to one day. But I was also told we never see those who go to heaven until we’re there.  I just couldn’t understand it and I broke down in tears.

The moment my Nana visited me changed my life, and from this point onward my sensitivity heightened. I’ve grown to understand that heaven isn’t necessarily above, below or to the side. It’s all around us now—it’s a state of being that transcends our understanding completely.

When I began to work with the Angels they reminded me consistently that there is no separation between heaven and earth. We are connected daily through our true selves, our soul.

I have also learned that heaven will send us signs. Our loved ones who have passed will remind us of their presence, in any way possible, through physical items, experiences and feelings. They will send their love and support to us. I have come to learn some of the most amazing messages through signs and I have compiled common experiences among spiritual seekers so that you can receive the messages your loved ones have been trying to send you.


Pure White Feather – The Angels are with and surrounding you right now.

Brown/Black Feather – It’s okay to be different. Individuality is what makes you special.

Rainbow – A promise that your loved ones will never leave you.

Robin Red Breast – A loved one in heaven reminds you that you’re stronger than you realize!

Butterfly – Someone in heaven whom you are missing is free of their pain and suffering. They’re free!

Dragonfly – Heaven is taking you on a journey that will lead you to your spiritual transformation. Go with it!

Music – Hearing music in your sleep or randomly from an unseen source represents happiness and a celebration that is about to take place. Live your joy!

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