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Do Your Words Spell Success?

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Do Your Words Spell Success?

What you say is what you get.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Nov 21, 2010 at 09:00 AM

I receive a lot of calls for help through my Websites, radio show, and workshops. Frequently, I’m asked for angelically based answers to help resolve stressful financial and career situations. Invariably, I find that people—because of their stress—are using negative words to describe their current situation. They’re often unaware that they’re using negative affirmations (such as “I’m broke”) or that these statements are ensuring that their stressful condition will continue.

A woman named Carolyn Purchase has owned a metaphysical store in Nova Scotia for five years. In the past, whenever anyone would ask her how business was, she’d always reply, “I’ll never be rich, but it pays its bills.” Carolyn said that phrase countless times before realizing its impact.

One day she was chatting with a close friend about how the store should be a gold mine, since it’s the only one in the region, with lots of customers and a great reputation. They wondered, then, why wasn’t the store doing better? Why was it only making enough for Carolyn to buy inventory and pay the bills?

Carolyn got her answer when a customer asked how the store’s business was doing. Just as she was about to give her standard, “I’ll never be rich . . .” reply, she had an epiphany and said instead, “Fantastic! This place is a gold mine!” She said it with such conviction that she believed every word.

That was a year ago, and whenever anyone asks, “How’s business?” Carolyn continues to say that it’s fantastic and the place is a gold mine. In the last year, her sales have increased 40 percent over where they were the previous one . . . and they just keep climbing! All that has changed are Carolyn’s words—from limiting ones to those with a positive energy vibration. Her words have made the gold mine.

The words that we say have a direct impact upon our finances, as Carolyn’s story illustrates. And a woman named Livia Maris Jepsen went through a similar transition. A few years ago, Livia wondered why her prayers were only answered with “just enough,” and never more. For instance, if she needed money to pay for something, she’d receive just the amount she required, and not a dime more. If she needed additional time to finish something, she’d get just enough time and complete things at the very last minute . . . and so on.

One day Livia visited a prosperous friend at the woman’s mother’s house. After serving her delicious meal, the mother asked, “Do you have enough?” and the friend answered, “Oh yes, Mom, I have plenty!” That was exactly what Livia needed to hear! She realized that she was always asking for and affirming “just enough.”

Livia says, “If you ask the angels for just enough, that’s exactly what you get. Try asking for ‘plenty’ and affirming ‘plenty’ and you’ll always get much better than what you expect.” Since changing her vocabulary, Livia is much more financially secure.

If asking for plenty of money creates discomfort, rest assured that you can use this extra cash for charitable contributions, helping your loved ones, and financing your Divine life purpose. Your increased flow allows you to give in even bigger ways!

Diana Mey is another woman who learned the power that words can have upon one’s finances. Most of her life, she would say, “I don’t have enough money for . . .” this or that. Diana’s continual negative affirmations ensured that she’d never be able to afford anything she wanted.

Then Diana started seeing the numbers 818 repeatedly—on clocks, on license plates, in telephone numbers, and on receipts. She finally found the reason in my book Angel Numbers 101, which lists the meaning behind repetitive number sequences. The book explained that 818 was an angelic message to stay positive about money, and suggested that people who see this number use this affirmation: “I am financially secure now, and I have a surplus of money to spare and share.”

Diana started saying this affirmation repeatedly, and today she is financially secure, with plenty to spare and share. She told me, “I now look at the world totally differently when it comes to money.”

Sometimes, a painful situation will wake us up to the role that our vocabulary is playing, as a woman named Caryn Connolly discovered. After she was laid off from her engineering job, she started telling people, “I am unemployed.” Caryn desperately searched for a new job, without success. Then she realized that by continually saying that she unemployed, she was creating that situation. So she stopped using that word, and shortly afterward, she was offered an engineering position that would pay all of her bills. Caryn says, “By changing the words I was using with myself and others, I was able to manifest abundance very quickly into my life.”

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