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Does That Bird Have A Message for You?

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Does That Bird Have A Message for You?

How Spirit Can Communicate Through Open Vessels
Jamie  Turndorf Ph.D.
Jamie Turndorf Ph.D. More by this author
Sep 06, 2014 at 09:30 AM

As I have discovered, loved ones in spirit often speak to us through what I call Open Vessels—a term I’ve coined to describe beings that are open enough to either send or receive spirit communications.

Since his death, my husband Jean has offered me numerous examples that all living beings are meant to be spirit messengers. I can attest to the fact that Jean enters animals and people’s bodies in order to move them to communicate a message to me, and to love me in his name. Once a being is no longer contained in a physical vessel, that being is able to move about freely and enter other Open Vessels in ways that weren’t possible when that being lived in a body.

When you are indoors, domestic animals (natural Open Vessels) and electronic devices are commonly used. Open Vessels of the human kind include the very young and old, the sick, the disabled, the dying, the mentally ill, the homeless, and healers. With the ability to dialogue through so many messengers, a whole new world opens up!

When you’re outdoors, spirits will often communicate their presence through wild animals because they are readily available tools and because they’re also naturally Open Vessels.   

For example, on my return from my first trip to Florida after my husband died, I was feeling despondent about returning home without him. Just before my departure, while the plane was still stationary, I saw a bug fly past my window. I sensed that the bug was meant for me. Suddenly, it doubled back and landed on my window. I looked closely and saw that it was not one bug, but two bugs, and they were mating! Jean was telling me that we’re mated for eternity. He reached me in this simple and exquisite way using the only vehicle that he could find at that moment.

When an animal is being used to signal a spirit’s presence, you’ll notice that the creature behaves out of character. If it’s a bird, it may remain very still, sitting on a branch and not flying for a long time. Its eyes may close, and it may appear as if it’s in a trance. It may sit beside you or follow you. Spirits will often select birds and insects that fly to communicate their presence. Because they are by their nature mobile, these creatures are naturally adapted to being where spirit wants them to be at a given moment.

When I originally wrote this passage, in front of the open kitchen-door window, two robins landed in front of me. They sat side by side on the rose arbor, looking like a couple seated shoulder to shoulder. They sat motionless in this position until I registered the message that Jean sits by my shoulder morning, noon, and night. As you open yourself to the Open Vessels that surround you, you will amazed to discover just how often your loved ones in spirit are sending you reminders of their continued loving presence in your life.

Have you had a similar message from your loved ones in spirit? Tell us about it in the comment space below.

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