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Does Your Body Need a Tune-Up?

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Does Your Body Need a Tune-Up?

Accessing your ability to heal.
Kate  Mackinnon
Kate Mackinnon More by this author
Apr 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Have you noticed that people with the same diagnosis often have different symptoms, or respond differently to the same treatment? From straightforward injuries like a sprained ankle to complicated conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, often we’re given a standard protocol for treatment. The expectation is that one treatment will work for everyone, and as I’m sure you’ve seen, it often doesn’t work as planned.

Now imagine what can happen when your body is supported to heal from the inside out. When you have someone who understands your anatomy and physiology, and who has the skills to feel into the source of your problem. Someone who can track physical and energetic changes as they’re taking place, and then help you access the self-healing mechanism that resides inside you, so you can discover how to find health and balance in your body again.

This is what Craniosacral therapy has to offer, and I explain it all in my book, From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy. CST is not diagnosis driven. Because CS therapists pay attention to the craniosacral rhythm, produced by changes in the volume of fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, they feel directly where the body is struggling to run efficiently, and can address problems at their source. When your body is able to function efficiently, it has more internal resources to heal. And because CST treats you as you are in the moment, each experience will be unique to meet your individual needs.

As we go through life our bodies are constantly compensating around life events. Injuries, infections, surgeries, and chronic stress all leave their marks on us. We patch up and move along, but often carry unresolved tension with us. When events are upsetting, we may also store destructive emotion in our bodies. With the support of a well-trained CS therapist’s hands, your body can access its own innate ability to heal. It has the opportunity to let go of those lines of tension, stored emotions, and memories. CST can be done at any stage of life, from before birth until death, and is safe for people with acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. John Upledger, the founder of this work, stated that that we “put love into those hands” when doing CST. One reason I am so passionate about CST is because it’s accessible to everyone. We can all learn the basics of CST to support our friends and loved ones. In the final chapter of my book I describe some simple techniques that you can do at home.

Over the twelve years that I have been practicing CST, I’ve noticed a rapid increase in the number of people who have heard about the therapy but are not sure what it is. Even people who receive CST aren’t sure how to explain it to their friends! This is why I wrote my book: knowing how CST works enables you to access more of what this powerful therapy has to offer.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, after receiving over 50 sessions, states in the foreword, “I treat it like an energy tune up for my body and spirit as well.” I hope that many of you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of CST, too.

I send love from my hands and heart to yours.

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Kate  Mackinnon
Kate Mackinnon PT, supports people in creating comfort and ease in their bodies. A Physical Therapist for more than twenty years, Kate has found CranioSacral therapy to be the key to her patients’ speedy, complete, and long-lasting recoveries, while Continue reading