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Don’t Be Fooled!

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Don’t Be Fooled!

Stand your ground today.
Alan Cohen
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Apr 01, 2013 at 10:00 AM

As a kid, I used to watch old science-fiction movies with primitive special effects. There would always come a point in the Flash Gordon episode, for example, when I could see the string holding up the plastic model spaceship that was supposed to be hurtling through space. Then my buddy and I would elbow each other, laugh , and say, “That’s so fake!”

Seeing through those shoddy special effects served as a good training ground to see through meaningless or threatening experiences in life. When faced with a scary or confusing moment, you may be tempted to flee, fight, or revert to an addictive or escapist behavior. But if you can stand your ground and look the difficult person or situation in the eye, you might declare (even laughingly) “That’s so fake!” Then you can resolve the situation, recognizing the scary scene as simply a rudimentary effort mounted by the special-effects department.

If you look back on the people and events that once frightened you, you will realize there was always some element that was illusory about them. Why, then, when something new and scary comes along, would it be any more real than one of the previous impostors?

Today, April Fools’ Day, might be the perfect occasion to recognize how fear has attempted to fool you into believing you are limited or victimized, and call its bluff. Every time you stand up to fear with love, courage, and trust, you expose a little more of the cheap string that holds up the plastic spaceship. Consider whatever frightens you, elbow your buddy, say with a smile, “That’s so fake!” and enjoy the movie, in which the hero always prevails.

How might you disarm what frightens you by recognizing the truth before the illusion it suggests?

Let’s affirm: I see through people, words, and events that do not have substance in love or reality. My faith is deeper, stronger and greater than fear or illusion.

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Alan Cohen
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