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Don’t Hit Snooze!

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Don’t Hit Snooze!

Your Intuitive Alarm.
John  Holland
John Holland More by this author
Jan 06, 2013 at 09:00 AM

In many of my lectures and workshops, I often talk about how your soul is constantly trying to get your attention when it needs to speak to you, or how it gently guides or nudges you in a certain direction for your highest good. These promptings could come through your intuition. It could be an intuitive thought that keeps coming back into your mind; yet all too often, we don’t follow it. But these prompts are actually quite important, as they’re what I like to refer to as “Wake-Up Calls.”

Wake-up calls can come in any number of ways and from different sources. It could be from a relative, a friend, or a stranger or could pertain to a traumatic event, a book, a dream, or even a health issue! When your soul wants to get your attention, trust me when I say: “It will do what it has to do for you to listen!” Recently I had a minor health issue that really grabbed my attention, and I had to heed its warning. In this case, it wasn’t just my intuition but my body giving me the wake-up call.

I was so looking forward to the end of August and a long awaited week off vacationing in the beautiful state of Maine. I had it all planned out with kayaking trips with my friends and my dog, days lounging in the sun, good food, and maybe some visits to some of the small seaside towns that were in the area. On the second day there, I ended up in the local emergency room! So my vacation trip that I had planned took another route. I developed a stomach issue that has been with me for many years. I ended up on a medication and changed all the plans I had envisioned would happen. Just a week off is not enough time for me with the work that I do. This was my wake-up call once again to take more quality rest time for my soul, my body, and myself!

Practicing even more extreme self-care was the message that I received from this incident.

I believe Wake-Up Calls can happen at any time, and I also believe that some are pre-planned by you and your guides to happen at certain times in your life. Almost as if you said: “I’m going to place a Wake-Up Call when I am at the age of 30 to move me in a different direction.” These calls are personal and are only meant for you. When you think back to a time when you believed you received a Wake-Up Call, you should be able to understand why you received one and what it meant.

You don’t need a lot of training to recognize a spiritual Wake-Up Call. They are, like I said, loud and usually quite obvious. Something happens that makes you think of how lucky you were to safely get out of a situation, and as a result, you promise yourself: “I’ll never do that again.” When a call happens and you had the fortunate opportunity to address something in your life, or change a certain direction that you were about to take – then, that my friends, is a Wake-Up Call. Hopefully when you receive your own personal Wake-Up Call, and trust me, you will, then I hope that you’ll stop for a moment and answer the call with an open mind and a sense of complete awareness. Above all, be willing to act sooner than later. The Divine Source is always looking out for us and it makes every attempt to keep us progressively moving forward on our souls' journey.

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John  Holland
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