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Don't Worry, Be Happy - and Say F**k It to Whatever's Stressing You Out

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Don't Worry, Be Happy - and Say F**k It to Whatever's Stressing You Out

Listen to John C. Parkin explain his F**k It philosophy
John C. Parkin
John C. Parkin More by this author
Feb 12, 2015 at 08:45 AM

Editor's note: In this clip from John C. Parkin's new audiobook of F**k It Therapy, John explains how his profane philosophy works in practice. 

Look at anyone around you. Look in the mirror. And tell me what you see.

You probably see someone who is working too hard, who has little time for the things that really matter, who’s tired, often stressed, worrying about things that might never happen, striving to do better, to be better, always trying to get to next thing, the next level, that will hopefully end in their/your happiness.

F**k It works very powerfully when you realize that most of those things you’re worrying about aren’t so important after all; that it’s possible to give up on stuff that’s causing you pain, to do less, relax more, and go with the flow of life instead of trying to make everything happen and work all the time...

F**k It Therapy is out now on CD and audio download, and you can listen to further samples of the audiobook on Hay House UK's SoundCloud profile.

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John C. Parkin
John C. Parkin said F**k It to his life in London as an advertising executive to set up the holistic centre 'The Hill That Breathes' in Italy with his wife Gaia. John is a longstanding student of shamanism and Chi Kung. He teaches courses on breathin Continue reading