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Doreen Virtue Shares 5 Ways To Make Your Prayers More Effective

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Doreen Virtue Shares 5 Ways To Make Your Prayers More Effective

Helpful Tips To Make Praying Easier
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jul 22, 2015 at 01:00 PM

A prayer simply represents one of many ways to invoke the deities who oversee the situation with which you need help. You don’t need to use fancy or poetic verbiage to invoke the divinities. All you need to do is mentally say their names and ask them for help with whatever issue, problem, or situation you’re concerned about.

5 Ways To Make Your Prayers More Effective

1. It’s better to say a simple prayer as soon as you notice you need assistance, instead of trying to come up with the “perfect” prayer. The sooner we call for help, the easier a situation is to resolve. This is similar to calling the fire department at the first sign of smoke instead of waiting until it’s turned into an uncontrollable blaze.

2. It’s important to hold in mind the question or situation for which you’re seeking help. You can either say the prayers mentally or speak them aloud.

3. Prayers are even more effective if you can hold them in your hand
, so you might want to photo-copy the pages from my book, The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection that the applicable prayers are on, or handwrite them.

4. Say each prayer three times, with full conscious awareness of each word, and then put the printed prayer in a special place such as on your altar, on an inside window ledge facing the moonlight, or beneath your pillow or bed.

5. When you’re done saying a prayer, thank the divinities for their help. Mentally check in with them often. They’re available to you while your situation is being resolved, so it’s wise to seek counsel from them, talk to them about your successes or challenges, and ask them questions.

In my book, Archangels and Ascended Masters, which is part of The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection, I have selected prayers for 15 different issues and I also describe how 77 different deities from a variety of religions can be called upon for very specific needs. You may wish to try out these invocations as I have them first and then take note of the results. Then, in subsequent prayers, modify the wording as your inner guidance directs.

As an example, if you are ready to release a substance, craving, or addictive pattern from your life you can call upon Archangel Raphael, Babaji, Devi, Maat or Serapis Bey.

First imagine that the item, person, or situation that you want to release is sitting on your lap. Then imagine that it’s floating in front of your navel. See or feel all of the cords, webs and roots extending from your navel to the items you are releasing. Then say this prayer:

“Archangel Raphael, beloved angel of healing!
Babaji, teacher of overcoming the physical world!
Beloved Devi, who cares so deeply!
Shining Maat, bringer of Divine light!
Serapis Bey, overseer of ascension!
Please cut the cords of addictions and cravings from me.
I now fully release any and all patterns of addictions, and
I completely embrace my freedom and physical health.”

After saying this you will likely find that all cravings are gone. Or, you might have one last binge –for-the-road, which leads you to give up the addiction for good. If you have a certain specific need and are interested in discovering which archangels or ascended masters to call upon for help, my Essential Collection book will be a useful reference for you. 


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