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Embrace the Unknown

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Embrace the Unknown

Have faith that goodness awaits.
Carmen  Harra
Carmen Harra More by this author
Aug 19, 2011 at 10:00 AM

By nature, we stick with tradition and custom. If we’ve always done things a certain way, we often try to continue with that method forever. Change is difficult because it generates a sense of insecurity and instability; yet paradoxically, we’re attracted to, and allured by, the possibilities it may bring. We’d like to think that something better awaits us, but our deep-rooted fear says, “You’re crazy! Life can’t get better!”

We all must understand that we can believe in the future and our power if we let go of our fear. Wholeliness allows us to embrace the mystery of not knowing what the future holds or what solutions we’ll discover, for it shows us that we’re never alone or without assistance—we don’t have to envision and create a better life for ourselves all on our own.

Growing up in a country where it was impossible to leave without the government’s permission, my dream of coming to America was, on the surface, preposterous. I’m sure many of the people of my town were quite amused by my ambitious goals as a child, particularly my insistence that someday I’d be on television in the U.S. I might as well have announced that I was starting my own country on Mars! But even though I had no clue how I was going to get from where I was to where I wanted to go, I was able to believe in my dream because I had great faith in the Divine. I knew that God would support me and present me with opportunities and individuals who could help me. Because of my intuitive gifts, I knew that my visions were not foolish or crazy. In my work, I encourage others to develop their own intuition and become more aware of the synchronicities and mysterious connections between events and encounters in their lives. I want them to experience the confidence that I had in my ability to perceive connections that others couldn’t see. I ask my clients, “Do you see this?” or “Does this make sense to you? Do you agree?” because I want them to listen to what their intuition is telling them, along with mine.

I’ve told clients what I see down the road for them, and they’ve often scoffed because they’re only listening to their rational mind and can’t envision how they could end up in the situation I’m describing. Then they’ll contact me years later to admit, “You won’t believe this, but you were right!” What I see doesn’t always come true, of course, since the future is just one of an endless number of possibilities. But when the “impossible” future they dream of actually comes to fruition, it can seem quite shocking.

Most of the time, people go through life falsely thinking that nothing will change all that much. Even when they’ve experienced monumental transformations in their daily lives, they buy into the old belief: From now on, life will be pretty predictable. Human minds work that way. That’s why when dramatic shifts happen, most of us are very surprised and deeply discombobulated.

The way to become more comfortable with the unknown is to trust that whatever happens, Spirit—as well as all the spirits who surround you—is always looking out for your best interests. (Yes, you do have spirits surrounding you.) When you remember your connections to these Divine Forces and believe in the power of wholeliness, what you can’t yet perceive will seem less scary. The Divine will provide you with direction and, in time, show you what steps you need to take. Faith and courage will fill the spot in your heart formerly occupied by fear, and you can actually look forward to what’s next and begin to get an inkling of what’s ahead. Most important, you’ll begin to realize that you were never meant to navigate through life and its problems by yourself: the Divine will be right there next to you through every up and down, like an ever-faithful friend.

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Carmen  Harra
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