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Energize Your Diet!

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Energize Your Diet!

6 more Superfoods to kick start your health.
Susan Smith Jones Ph.D.
Susan Smith Jones Ph.D. More by this author
Jan 11, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Here are more Superfoods to help you eat your way to vibrant health! Get your new, healthy lifestyle off to a great start with these 6 age-defying, heart-strengthening, cancer-busting, energy-boosting and body-slimming Superfoods. These Superfoods are easy to find in your supermarket or natural food store. Also, just make sure that they are included and available in your health-promoting kitchen.

Garlic: Herbalists have used garlic to treat all sorts of diseases for thousands of years. As well as being scrumptious, it’s a rich source of the sulphur compounds that keep your body chemistry in balance — fighting infections, slowing down the production of cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. There is even evidence that garlic helps to fight cancer and improves the action of the liver and the gall bladder.

Oats: Inexpensive, readily available and incredibly easy to incorporate into your life, oats contain twice as much protein as brown rice and are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates to maintain your energy levels through the day. They improve your resistance to stress, help to regulate the thyroid, soothe the nervous and digestive systems, reduce cigarette cravings and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Parsley: This common herb is a powerhouse of the nutrients that rejuvenate and detoxify. Include it when you make fresh juice. Parsley is also a stress-buster, and studies have shown it to be effective in reducing depression, lowering cholesterol and strengthening kidneys. Many herbalists recommend parsley to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and PMS.

Parsnips: Parsnips could be nicknamed the “beauty food” because of the way their nutritional components help strengthen hair and nails and improve skin quality. People who suffer from acne or skin disorders will appreciate the skin-flattering benefits of their unique balance of potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C.

Pomegranates: This dark red fruit is hot news these days — especially as a juice. Pomegranates are packed full of disease-fighting antioxidants. Some studies suggest that they offer almost three times more than established antioxidant sources such as green tea, red wine, blueberry juice and cranberry juice. They also contain potassium, fiber, vitamin C and niacin, all of which contribute to increased energy and good health, and have been shown to reduce plaque build-up in arteries by up to 44 percent.

Tomatoes: This beautiful low-calorie fruit is jam-packed with nutrients and phytochemicals, which boost the body’s immune defenses. Whether in soups, sauces or salads, tomatoes are rich in vitamins C and B and also contain lots of lycopene, which appears to act as a protective factor against cancer (and may also benefit the heart). Cooked tomatoes contain more lycopene than raw, and most of the nutritional value is contained in the skin, so, ounce for ounce, cherry tomatoes are more nutritious than large ones.

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