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Energizing Words For Stopping Negative Patterns

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Energizing Words For Stopping Negative Patterns

Use these power words to create the change you want.
Sharon Anne Klingler
Sharon Anne Klingler More by this author
Dec 12, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Words create undeniable power in the world. They have wounded, and they have inspired.  You've seen how words can crush, encourage, disappoint, and excite—through your own life and across the world stage. 

Even beyond this, words do much more than merely influence the people who hear or read them. They carry their own power and are an integral part of your electro-magnetic field. They put out energy, and they attract the same type of energy to you. They also attract the people and situations that resonate to that energy.

How Words Can Change Your Life

Because of their energy you can use certain words to lift your life to new levels of power and to help with specific tasks—business decisions, weight loss, creative projects, muscle strength, communication, healing, financial investments, relationships, breaking addictions, tasks at work, and much more. In any moment you can apply the energy of words to the good you seek. I call these words Power Words. And, although they are not a new language, they are words you can use in a new way. There are two types of Power Words: Lifting Words and Trigger Words.

Lifting Words carry beneficial, strong, positive, and sometimes even bold meanings. Lifting Words can be very common, like the word happy, to less frequently used words, like sublime, lofty, and exalted. It's fun to find unique words to lift your energy, but common words are just as effective.  All Lifting Words are best used by frequently inserting them into your everyday thoughts and conversations. When you fill your language with them, they lift your energy; your outlook; your actions; and consequently, your life, in immeasurable ways. How would your energy feel tonight if you were to insert the word joy into your language a hundred times today?

Besides the word joy, some other examples of Lifting Words would include stellar, delight, blessings, aware, gentle, and incandescent.  Just think about filling your day with the word incandescence.  It would also help you fill yourself with sparkling, jubilant, bubbling, incandescent light in every part of your life. 

The right word blazes out at us. Whenever we come upon one of these intensely right words…The resulting effect is physical as
well as spiritual and electrically prompt.
–Mark Twain

 Trigger Power Words are precisely chosen in order to apply their energies to create success in specific situations. Trigger Words are not magic, but they do have a compelling force to them.  They are “electrically prompt.”  Each word expresses distinctive energy, elicits specific responses, and causes certain effects. Then, when you add your focus to the word's natural energy, you can direct that energy for precise and very successful results.

Here's a Trigger Word you can try yourself. Whether you find yourself starting—or deeply engaged in—a negative train of thought; a downward emotional spiral; or a sabotaging physical behavior, you can override that action with just a word.

Word Power Override

Close your eyes and think of a deflating or defeating habit you have—in thought, feeling, or deed. It doesn't have to be extreme in nature. It's just one of the patterns you'd like to set aside.

Imagine yourself caught up in one of those moments. See yourself there completely. Let yourself feel stuck—again—in this sabotaging action. Now take a deep breath, sit up a bit straighter and slowly say to yourself override, override, override. With another deep breath, you immediately feel a new power and determination to override this habitual action or thought. You get a jolt of energy, and you sense the great potential as you start to override this pattern.Whenever you say override, you immediately change what you're doing. And you celebrate not being controlled by this pattern any longer.

Stopping Unwanted Patterns with Words

Override is an effective word to stop an automatic pattern in its tracks because it's technical in nature. It throws a cog in the wheel of old thought patterns and interrupts them long enough for you to direct yourself to new thoughts.

I shared the Trigger Word override with a friend, Fred, who had suffered with bouts of depression off and on through his adult life. He used the Trigger Word override and found that it had an immediate effect for him—bringing him out of his depression, stimulating him to choose different thoughts right away. Now he uses override, and it overrides his depression every time.

Other Trigger Words that can be very useful in different situations are freedom, forgive, boundless, alight, and become.  Whenever you use one of these Trigger Words, feel the energy fully, then follow it with the thoughts and actions that carry that energy.

Trigger Words can take you in a new direction of mind and heart any time you’re experiencing negative actions or thoughts.  Though you will find many Trigger Words in my book Power Words, you can also choose your own by using an approach the ancient Romans called Tactica Adversa.  You simply fill yourself with the energy of a word that is opposite to the negative condition you may be feeling.  For instance, if you’re feeling indecisive, fill yourself with one of these commands: Choose now, Commit, or My destiny.  Then immediately open yourself to the decision or choice that first springs to mind.

If you’re feeling nervous, fill yourself with the energy of one of these words: courage, approach, or fearless.  As the word resonates within, you start to feel emboldened, more daring, and ready to act.

And during those moments when you’re down, use the opposite Trigger Words of tall, up, lift, or higher.  Try one now.  Fill yourself with the energy of tall.  Breathe it in and notice yourself sitting taller, feeling stronger, and lifting up in body and mind.  As you’re taken to new heights, you realize that tall isn’t just a word.  It’s an exciting new intention!           

In The Beginning Was the Word, – John 1:1

This quote is just one of many from the Bible that indicate the creative power of a word. It's not surprising that stories of creation in religious texts across the world also begin with a word. Imagine what it would be like to see each word as a potential new beginning—the genesis of your future. Energetically it is!

 Word Power at the Start

Close your eyes and imagine that your entire future is bourne on the energy of your next word. It is the genesis—the very beginning—of what is to come for you. What word comes to mind? What word would you choose?

Choose that word now, and take a moment to see your whole life infused with its energy. Fill yourself with that word, and sense the future that comes with it.

 You can also use this process every morning to discover the genesis of your day. And you can use it any time you want to see what new beginning lies in that very moment. Whatever word you sense as your genesis, let it become a focus word for you. Really feel its energy; use it throughout your day, and see what actions it triggers for you. With these genesis words, and with all of your Power Words, you can give rise to a whole new creation story of your own!



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