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Enhance Your Mediumship by Overcoming These Five Limiting Beliefs

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Enhance Your Mediumship by Overcoming These Five Limiting Beliefs

Beat These Limiting Beliefs and Become the Best Medium You Can Be!
Lauren Robertson
Lauren Robertson More by this author
Dec 04, 2017 at 06:30 AM

If you want to develop a strong connection with Spirit and deep healing abilities as a medium, it’s essential that you learn the basics of mediumship – and it’s essential that you get a lot of practice on a wide variety of sitters. But, did you know that it’s also important that you increase your self-confidence and cultivate a mindset for success, so that you can be the best possible collaborator for Spirit to work with? 

So, whether you’re early in your journey as a medium, you’re curious about connecting with your loved ones in Spirit, or you’re an experienced medium looking to improve your private sessions and public demonstrations, this list will help you to recognize and overcome the top five limiting beliefs that can cause mediums to feel stuck. 

Remember, successful mediumship is a collaboration between your mind and the mind of Spirit – so when you have fewer doubts, fears and limitations in your mind, your connection with Spirit will become stronger and clearer. 

Without further ado, let’s press on with the list! 
1. People are judging and criticizing me 

Many potentially great mediums hold themselves back because they fear that other people are judging them. They worry that if they become really visible as a medium, the judgment will get even worse. 

If you’re experiencing this limiting belief, I have news for you – other people are judging you! You’re being judged on whether you watch Game of Thrones, whether you’re a vegan, whether you like marmite, or whether you’re a cat or a dog person! That’s before we get anywhere close to your interest in exploring the possibility of life after death! 

We judge each other all the time and that’s part of being human. And if you’re being super-honest with yourself, you’ve probably judged others too. 

The secret to overcoming the fear that others are judging you is to move forward, and not wait until you’re convinced that people are no longer judging you, as you’ll be waiting a long time. The key is to be strong and sure enough within yourself that you don’t care about other people’s opinions. 

When we fear that people are judging us, it’s usually because we are judging ourselves too harshly and they are reflecting this back to us. In this way, we could almost see judgement as a blessing that enables us to ask: How can I judge myself less, and focus on my strengths more? 
2. I’m not good enough 

As mediums who want to help and serve others, believing we’re not good enough is one of the most damaging beliefs we can harbour. I believed it about myself for a long time. If we believe we’re not good enough, we come to believe we’re not loved. If we believe we’re not loved, we believe we’re not safe. And, if we believe we’re not safe, we become very, very scared. That’s never a good state to be in, in mediumship or in life. 

You can believe you’re not good enough in two different ways. Firstly, you can believe you’re not good enough at something, for example you won’t get up to demonstrate mediumship in public because you don’t feel you are good enough at receiving information consistently. Then, there’s the sense in which you have a general uncomfortable feeling of being unworthy and unloved. 

To resolve the feeling of being not good enough, set yourself a target or a goal. Work towards it with a trusted mentor or circle, so that when you reach it you can definitely say you are good enough. 

Overcoming this belief in the second sense is a little trickier. The only cure for feeling not good enough is love, and lots of it. Practising self-love and being around people who promote feelings of love and positivity within you will eventually show you that you are enough. You just have to keep going with love until you feel this. 
3. I’ll never be as talented as other people 

When I began my journey as a medium, I never compared myself to others. However, when social media became more popular, I found myself sneaking a peek at what other mediums were up to, and I did not like how it made me feel. I call this feeling ‘comparison-itis'. 

If you look at other mediums’ work as a way to feel bad about yourself and keep yourself stuck, I recommend you give up the habit immediately. Your connection with Spirit is unique, valid and valuable in its own right. Somebody else having success as a medium does not take any success away from you. There’s only one medium that it’s helpful to make a comparison to, and that’s yourself. 
4. I’m stuck or I’m not getting anything 

If you are sincere about developing your connection with Spirit, I’d ask you to consider dropping the phrases ‘I’m not getting anything’ and ‘I’m stuck’ from your vocabulary. It’s easy to see how believing you’re not receiving any communication from Spirit would be very limiting. Words are powerful, and if you say you’re not getting anything the Universe will move to meet you where you’re at. Even if you’re thinking it, don’t say it out loud. Instead, look for a different question. 

During a reading or demonstration, you might take a deep breath and say (in your mind or out loud): 
How can I get this message flowing?
What does my recipient need to know next?
Who’s here to work with us today?

New questions open up your mind to new answers. Statements keep it focused on established beliefs. 
5. I can’t be a medium and be my true self 

This limiting belief may be less obvious than the others, but it’s something I’ve personally experienced so I wanted to include it in case you have too. 

If you believe that you can’t be a medium and be your true self, this will hold you back in your mediumship. 

You may have an expectation about what a medium ought to say and do. You may have an idea of how a medium should dress, or the sort of language a medium should use. You may think that you can only be confident in your abilities as a medium if you’ve trained at a certain place, read a specific book or have been sitting in a circle for ten years. You may not recognize yourself in those expectations, and so you think you’re not a medium. 

Perhaps you feel that things you value, enjoy and find inspiring are at odds with what a medium is supposed to be. 

I’m here to tell you that the exact opposite is true. You don’t have to give up your values, your style or your collection of expensive shoes (I’m talking about myself here) to be a medium. In fact, it’s being your fullest, best and most honest self, that will enrich your connection to Spirit. 
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