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Everything I Needed to Know…

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Everything I Needed to Know…

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Jun 26, 2013 at 03:30 AM 0 comments

“If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”

– Turkish Proverb

Tell me something. Were you as blown away by the Hay House World Summit as I was? Did you take the time to really tune in?

Okay, I admit it. With all the work I had to do during the 10 days of the Summit, I only listened to a couple of full interviews and then a few snippets when they were LIVE. What else could I do? I was so busy writing emails and creating newsletters and doing my to-do list, I didn’t get a chance to find enough time in my day to sit down and actually absorb the messages from these interviews.

But the Hay House World Summit was so cool. It had a ton of rich content! There were so many authors I loved in the line-up and I really wanted to hear what they had to say. I knew I’d be missing something big here if I didn’t somehow find a way to give it my ear.

So last week, I decided to download 10 of them on my iPod so I could listen more attentively. And the place I figured I could do this was in my car driving to and from work. I thought this would be a great start. So I took out my Summit author list, dusted off my rusty intuition and picked 10 that shouted “You need to listen to me!”

Well, my head is still spinning. I have picked up so many gems of wisdom from these interviews that I can’t wipe this crazy smile off my face! My family and friends can’t imagine why I’m beaming so brightly these days. I have been running into the office, stopping anyone I can to tell them how moved I am by these programs. I’m falling in love with some of our authors all over again by their beautiful stories and frankly, I’m not meeting a couple of my deadlines because I’m so hungry to listen to more! One day, one of my coworkers even caught me sitting in my car after it was time to start work because I had to finish one of the interviews!

I haven’t listened to all 110 of the Summit authors yet. But after experiencing so many wonderful changes in my attitude and my life just listening to about 20 of them, I will put it in writing right now. I WILL listen to them all.

In the meantime, since I certainly can’t keep all of these awe-inspiring lessons to myself, I have compiled a list of 10 Gems To Live By, Compliments of the Hay House World Summit.

10 GEMS TO LIVE BY, Compliments of the Hay House World Summit

1.    If you want to live forever, love somebody. (Bernie Siegel)

2.    Hug yourself every day. (Kris Carr)

3.    Life is precious. (Robert Thurman)

4.    Stop blaming others and yourself. When you find forgiveness, you find who you really are. (Abraham)

5.    If you spend your life trying to make everybody happy, you spend your life. (Cheryl Richardson)

6.    You inherited pessimistic thinking from your ancestors. (Joan Borysenko)

7.    Don’t look for the answers. Live the questions and life will move you into the answers. (Deepak Chopra)

8.    Do what brings you life. (Alan Cohen)

9.    There is always hope to heal. (Fabrizio Mancini)

10.     You’re pretty wonderful just the way you are. (Louise Hay)

By the way, I was in a meeting here at Hay House the other day and I heard some very COOL news about another big online event coming early next year. I’m sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you this: The Hay House World Summit was only the beginning.

Keep Calm and Listen On!
Donna Abate
Website Manager


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