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Expect the Unexpected

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Expect the Unexpected

Hay House
Apr 01, 2013 at 04:00 AM 0 comments

I LOVE April Fool’s Day! It’s a day full of unexpected surprises and a day when you can practice one of my favorite Louise Hay affirmations: “Today, I can create new ways of living. Today, I can change all the rules!” It’s a day when you can get away with all kinds of antics to spark a grin or tickle a few friends into laughing with abandon.  It’s especially gratifying when you can help someone to smile who may have forgotten how.

During my college years, I remember returning to my dorm room and finding a stack of taped-up pennies jammed in my door so I couldn’t open it. Or discovering a mattress sitting on top of the stalls in the bathroom and later realizing it was mine! I was even surprised one morning when rushing to a class I was introduced to a scrumptious Boston cream pie—that landed squarely in my face! Ah, these were times I cherish most as I get older, and they still make me smile.

I’ve tried to continue the tradition of lightheartedness here as the unofficial card-carrying Hay House Cheerleader and Mistress of Humor—complete with my clown nose, pom-poms, thick-browed glasses, bunny ears, musical noisemakers (especially fun for serious meetings), and turkey hat.

So, if you’ve been working hard since the beginning of the year and can’t seem to catch up… if you’re taking care of parents and children and extended families and can’t find a moment just for you…if you’re struggling with a health problem or a relationship that needs healing... if you’re working several jobs to pay your skyrocketing bills...or if someone is standing on your last nerve today and you’re ready to scream…I dedicate this column to you. You’re not alone. We’re here if you need a lift. And by the way, take a look in the mirror and see the beautiful and amazing human being staring back at you. Remember, there is always a reason to smile. If you don’t believe me, grab the nearest cream pie and let’s have some fun.

For more laughs… check these out:

10 Hay House Books Guaranteed to Cause Uncontrollable Grinning!

1.    Archetypes: Once you discover your personality quirks in your specific archetypes from the wisdom of wonderful spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, you’ll have lots of laughs sharing them with your friends.

2.    The Looneyspoons Collection: You’ll get a double-dose of chuckles from the hilarious Podleski sisters—Janet and Greta, in this comical cookbook filled with good food, good health and good fun.

3.    Back to Bhutan: How far would you go to be happy? Adventure-seeking author Linda Leaming went all the way to Bhutan. And you’ll hear all about her culture shock and humorous encounters in this funny and magical memoir.

4.    Life Is Short—Wear Your Party Pants: Lighthearted Loretta LaRoche dares you to throw away those granny panties and old beliefs about laughter being reserved for a select few. Get yourself a colorful thong and snap back to a life of bliss.

5.    Shift Happens: Here’s lovable Robert Holden’s invitation to stay open all hours for miracles and smiles.

6.    F**K It Therapy: Brazen and bold John Parkin teaches you two words that can turn any frown upside down!

7.    What Color Is Your Personality?: This fascinating gem from intuitive Carol Ritberger will give you inside tips on what makes your friends and loved ones behave the way they do. How cool is that!

8.    Daily Dose of Sanity: When you read the words of awesome Alan Cohen and his beautiful stories and daily anecdotes, you’ll swear he wrote them just for you.

9.    Fool’s Wisdom Oracle Cards: Insightful Sonia Choquette exposes the true path of this wise yet Fool-ish archetype and invites you to embrace your inner Fool.

10.    Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!: Get ready for a mind-blowing, heart-opening, life-changing, triple-shot of espresso for the millionaire’s soul in this lighthearted guide by the humorous and amusing Wendy Robbins.

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Website Manager

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