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Expect the Unexpected!

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Expect the Unexpected!

A 2012 Zodiac soap opera.
David  Wells
David Wells More by this author
Feb 27, 2012 at 09:00 AM

It’s not an easy task to look at the entire year in astrological terms, the cosmic family changes allegiances to the signs and to each other as they move through their cycles. They fall out, support and are ambivalent to each other just as we do the same with our own family and friends here on earth.

Every move they make is predictable and with computers more so than ever, so it’s the astrologer’s job to figure out what Uncle Saturn is really saying to Mrs. Moon as they meet for a sticky bun in the sign of Libra. The gift of symbolism and its effect on our subconscious, the way it creates words, feelings and emotions is how astrology comes to life. Certainly when I look at a chart I see the soap opera of the zodiac unfold and for 2012 there are some strong story lines.

Pluto (he’s the dour politician of the group affecting long-term change) is remaining in Capricorn where he has already set in motion changes to world governments and will continue to do so. But he is also having a falling out with Uranus, a row that will continue until 2015. Uranus is revolutionary, he’s the teenager of the piece, full of hope and the desire to get things done differently and to have them done now. A continuation of the turmoil that leads to revolutions, to a breakdown of old orders; change by the people for the people. Uranus will be in fiery Aries, filling him with energy and continuing from last year’s surprising events. Expect the unexpected then react with a well measured response that gets you to where you really want to be.

Jupiter is secure in Taurus and moving forward for the first time in a long time, he’s the benevolent Uncle full of wisdom and advising a philosophical approach. Until June he is assisting growth in financial matters but it has to be steady and slow and new values attached—a simplification of what makes us really comfortable without the need for grand shows of wealth. On June 11th he moves into Gemini and starts to communicate with more gusto, letting out his vision for a better world and many people will start to see the grand plan rather than worrying about the tiny details of how to get there.

Saturn is the restrictive planet, tightening those rings until he gets control back, he’s the accountant, the bookkeeper and is not always about finances; he’s the planet of Karma. He’s in Libra until October 5th where he continues with his role of shifting and changing international relationships, creating a greater understanding even if that’s sometimes uncomfortable as relationships sometimes are. In October he moves into Scorpio, sign of the underworld, intense emotion and debt; let’s not dress it up, things are tough and they are going to get tougher. But austerity isn’t something to fear, it’s to be worked with and in among it a rediscovery of what’s really valuable.

Neptune is making a historical move into Pisces on February 3rd where he will spend many years. Apart from a brief visit in 2011, his last time in his home territory was 1847 – 1861, the time of the renaissance. Neptune is the spiritual one, the wise old magician, the artistic and poetic creator adding romance and idealism to the mix. He can sometimes get carried away and forget to keep his feet on the ground, being so heavenly minded that he’s no earthly good, but with the other big boys grounding the energy balance is restored.

This is a year for science and spirit to work together, for money markets and social consciences to get along and for world leaders to talk to people instead of talking at them.

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David  Wells
David Wells is one of the UK's most popular psychics and astrolgers. He is one of the presenters of the UK Living TV's Most Haunted program and writes regularly for the national newspapers and magazines. Continue reading