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Experience Your Good Now!

Louise Hay
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May 18, 2010 at 03:45 AM 0 comments

Welcome to the world of affirmations!

By choosing to use affirmations, you’ve made a conscious decision to heal your life and move forward on the path of positive change . . . and the time for that positive change is now! There is no time like the present for you to take control of your thoughts.  Join the countless numbers of people who have changed their lives for the better with affirmations.

Doing affirmations is not hard work. It can be a joyous experience as you lift the burden of old negative beliefs and release them back to the nothingness from whence they came.

Just because you’ve believed something negative about yourself or about your life does not mean that there is any truth to it. As children, we hear negative things about ourselves and about life and we accept these ideas as if they’re true. Now, we’re going to examine the things we’ve believed and make a decision to either continue to believe them because they support us and make our life joyful and fulfilled, or make the decision to release them. I like to imagine that I’m letting go of old beliefs by dropping them into a river, and they gently drift downstream and dissolve and disappear, never to return again.

Come into my garden of life and plant new thoughts and ideas that are beautiful and nourishing. Life loves you and wants you to have the very best. Life wants you to have peace of mind, inner joy, confidence, and an abundance of self-worth and self-love. You deserve to feel at ease at all times with all people and to earn a good living. So let me help you plant these ideas in your new garden. We will nourish them and watch them grow into beautiful flowers and fruits that will in turn then feed and nourish you all of your life.

Let’s affirm: Life brings out the best in me today.

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