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Farewell to the Bodhi Tree

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Farewell to the Bodhi Tree

Louise Hay
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May 02, 2012 at 03:15 AM 0 comments

When I came out here to California in the mid ’80s, I had just printed my little blue book  and it was very thin. I went to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore because I knew it was the kind of place that would sell my book. They were not interested.

People would go the Bodhi Tree to look for my little book there. They wouldn’t even know the name, but they’d go in and say, “We want to get that little blue book.” Finally, enough people did that, so the Bodhi Tree contacted me. They said, “We’ll take 6.” So I got in my car and I drove to the Bodhi Tree. I was in Santa Monica at the time and they were about 10 miles away in West Hollywood. I hand-delivered my 6 books!

Every time they ordered, the number went up a little… to 10 and then a few more. I was unknown at the time and they were taking a chance on a book that could have sat on their shelves forever. So I hand-delivered every order!

Over the next 40 years, the shelves in the Bodhi Tree would display many of my books and other Hay House authors among its massive collection. I believe it’s more than 35,000 now.

I recently found out that the Bodhi Tree—a bookstore that has been called the metaphysical mecca of LA—has now closed. There were two men who owned it and they are in their late 70s now. People are going to be very sorry about this because it was a fantastic little bookstore where you could get every sort of spiritual book. Whatever you were looking for—from Christianity and Buddhism to energy healing and nutrition—and many other philosophies and spiritual teachings were among the topics of books that were crammed into this little store.

People loved the Bodhi Tree because you could find everything there. They held many small classes, too. It is their time to move on, but we will miss them. Let’s affirm that the little piece of Earth that they occupied will continue to bring spiritual nourishment to those it touches.

Let’s affirm: I look to the future with excitement and anticipation.

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