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Feed Your Local Bookstores

Hay House
Aug 07, 2012 at 07:39 AM 0 comments

Last night, I did something I haven’t done in a while. And it recharged my heart, lifted my soul, and made me feel like a million bucks. No, I didn’t win the lottery, attend a workshop, get a massage or get my nails painted. I visited an independent bookstore!

My sister and I were headed to see a play at Coronado Island and we had about an hour to spare before curtain time. So we strolled around the main drag until we came upon Bay Books. As a born and bred book lover, there was only one direction to go: Inside!

When I walked through the door, I felt a surge of excitement as the sight of bountiful bookshelves, picturesque periodicals and dizzying displays tugged at my heart. I darted to the biography section, then to business and fiction as my eyes pored longingly over the many new titles I have yet to read.

Of course, I peered around to find the self-help section, where I was warmly greeted by our Hay House classics, including Wayne’s Wishes Fulfilled, Louise and Cheryl’s You Can Create an Exceptional  Life and Jean Haner’s Wisdom of Your Face.

As I danced around the new fiction displays, stroked the covers of the new releases and scoured the handwritten notes left by the staff under their top recommendations—I knew in my heart I had come home again. Ahh.

I know we’re all wired up today with our eReaders and Kindle app. And I know that sometimes it’s so much more convenient to jump online and order the newest releases. I get it. I’m an Amazon and B&N groupie myself. But when I read stories about the demise of brick and mortar businesses and the eventual extinction of those handsome hardbacks I love to hug in my hands, I’m just not buying it. I guess I believe deep in my soul that the late great Ray Bradbury had it right in his prophetic Fahrenheit 451—whatever happens, we will always find a way to keep these treasured stories alive.

This month, I invite you turn down the electronic noise and experience a living brochure of the many books that are waiting to touch your heart. I invite you to visit your local independent bookstore and treat yourself to real live book. Let’s show these magnificent brick and mortar businesses that we’re still in their corner and that we appreciate all they do for us. I’d be willing to bet that they’re already warming up a delicious latte for us and have a personal recommendation that can heal our lives.

I’d also like to send a big hug of appreciation to all of the gift shops, specialty boutiques, and bookstores—large and small, online and off—that introduce us to the world of possibilities and help shape our lives. And thanks to the wonderful people at each one who are standing strong in these changing times, who share our enthusiasm for our books and products and who create some of the most beautiful and eye-catching displays for all of our favorite authors.

Do you have a neighborhood bookstore that is your home away from home? Tell us the name and location of your favorite bookstore and why you love it so much in the Comments below. Let’s spread the word—printed and otherwise!

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Donna Abate
Website Manager

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