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Feed Your Neighbor in Need

Hay House
Nov 12, 2010 at 02:00 AM 0 comments

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

— Mother Teresa


Our favorite motto here at Hay House is “Giving Back.” So when we learned that one of Louise Hay’s favorite charities needed help to get more meals to our homebound San Diego neighbors with cancer and HIV, we wanted to be a part of it! And when we heard it had to do with homemade pies by some of the top chefs in our county—well, that made it even sweeter!

We love being a part of the Hay House family, we love working together for a good cause, and we love to share the LOVE. And we are so grateful to have a wonderful family of authors, vendors and customers like you who share our mission of “giving back.”

We all want to help those in need, but we often don’t know where to begin or how to do it. That’s why Mama’s Kitchen’s generous work touched us so deeply. As Louise says, “I call Mama’s Kitchen a heart organization. If it touches my heart, I’m there.” Once we heard that buying one pie could mean the delivery of hot meals to 7 people who were too sick to cook or get out of their homes for the holidays, we were on it!

Our staff at Hay House joined up as one of the Pie in the Sky pie-selling teams with Mama’s Kitchen this year to make sure that as many of our local neighbors who are critically ill and can’t cook or get out of their homes for the Thanksgiving holiday will be provided a warm and wonderful meal.

For the last 20 years, Mama’s Kitchen has been delivering three nutritional meals a day, seven days a week at no charge to men, women and children living with AIDS or cancer—many who don’t have the money or who are too ill, isolated or emotionally devastated to help themselves. Every day volunteers at Mama’s Kitchen prepare, cook, package and deliver these meals to our critically-ill neighbors most vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition.

For this annual Pie in the Sky event, Mama’s Kitchen is selling delicious apple, pumpkin, peach, and no-sugar apple pies donated by the top restaurants, caterers and bakers from all over our county. For each pie sold (or $20) Mama’s Kitchen can provide seven (yes, you read it right—7!) home-delivered meals this Thanksgiving to one of your neighbors struggling with a critical illness.

Our goal at Hay House is to sell 200 pies—that will provide almost 700 meals for our neighbors. Will you help us help our neighbors? Whether you’re in San Diego or anywhere in the country or the world, you can buy or donate a pie and feed 7 people on Thanksgiving. Even one dollar will help feed one of your neighbors in need. Just click here and scroll down to help us meet our goals!

If you can’t afford anything at this time, we’d appreciate your positive affirmations and prayers to help us meet our goal. We’d also be very grateful if you could share the news about helping to feed our homebound neighbors and the Pie in the Sky event with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

We are thankful every day for all of YOU!

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