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Festive and Simple!

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Festive and Simple!

Chris  Prelitz
Chris Prelitz More by this author
Dec 20, 2010 at 02:00 AM 0 comments

My fondest childhood memories were always around the Holidays. Snuggling up in front of a wood fire with that scrumptious smell of pumpkin pies baking. The anticipation and smells of the evening feast were all that we needed to feel safe, content, and loved. Life was so much simpler then.

With all of the stress and worry in society—here are more Holiday Tips to help you rekindle those simpler times.

Go Organic

If you haven't been bitten by the organic bug yet, this is a perfect time to start. You'll not only be providing healthier (and tastier) food for you and your family—you'll be supporting the caring work and dedication of organic farmers. And, if the gift of the grape is part of your festivities, add an organic wine or champagne to your feast.

Turkey or Tofurkey?

If you or your guests are vegetarian, or you want to practice eating lower on the food chain, try one of the soy or seitan (wheat protein) faux turkey substitutes such as Tofurkey. If you’re a traditionalist, you can find organic, free range, grass fed, heritage turkeys from family farms, at Mothers, Whole Foods and other health oriented grocery stores.

Go Local

As well as going organic, try making local choices. The Pilgrims couldn't fly in produce from 1,000 miles away, and we shouldn't either—especially when we're celebrating the harvest. You can find both local and organic produce at a Farmer’s Market. Click here to locate the farmer’s market closest to where you live.

Compost your dishes!

If the thought of washing too many dishes is daunting, or you're ultra water-conscious, look into biodegradable disposable dishes that can be composted afterward, along with any table scraps (aside from meat.) Avoid coated paper plates or plastic dishware. Besides being uber-tacky, wax-coated paper plates aren’t eco-friendly because the wax is a petroleum product that doesn’t easily break down in nature.

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