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Five Great Ways To Stay Real And Stop Sabotaging Your Spiritual Journey

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Five Great Ways To Stay Real And Stop Sabotaging Your Spiritual Journey

Mary Daniels shares five tips to keep you on your path
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels More by this author
Oct 01, 2015 at 07:30 AM

Every minute of every day we are being given two simple choices – do you want to live and realise what that fully means and who you truly are, or not. Simple.

Eighteen years ago, I came face to face with that choice, genuinely believing I was worth no more than the sum of the horrific memories and experiences from my childhood and relationships. I believed that living the life I was living was too painful to continue.

I was one of those people who had been taught that life was meant to be constantly hard work. However, if you just kept going, kept trying, kept doing, one day you would eventually get ‘there’. One day you would eventually be enough. Sadly I had no idea what ‘enough’ and ‘there’ looked like, and I no longer had any energy or will left in me to want to continue to ‘try’.


What I have since come to realise is there is no ‘there’ and we are born enough. The only person who can make you feel otherwise is yourself. I have since learned that if we don’t start to really embrace the ‘human’ aspect of this divine experience we are having, we will continue to sabotage our own awakening, our own spiritual journey and our own life.

So, here are five things I learned on my journey back to self that you can do right now to ease up and stop sabotaging yourself!

1. Pay attention to what your life is telling you

Everything happening around us is a mirror of what’s going on within us, from the state of the planet to the state of our relationships – everything. So unless we start paying attention to as many moments as we can, every day of our lives, nothing will change and we will continue to sabotage our chances of experiencing the amazing expression of life that we are.

2. Drop the need to label your spiritual self

We are too busy ‘naming’ our path instead of living our path. I’m a lightworker; I’m a healer; I’m a Reiki Master level 2; I’m a coach; and I’m spiritual. Being all these things is not what life’s about. Being ‘spiritual’ is not some new religion or an elite club. These labels don’t mean anything, especially if, in the same breath that we use them, we behave in a way that contradicts the values that that label represents.

So drop the labels, they are a sure way to sabotage our journey. Spirit is pure life force, and being spiritual means to connect to the true pure essence of life itself that lies within all of us.

3. Stop trying to find your purpose

So many of us are obsessed with trying to find our purpose, as if it is the ‘Holy Grail’. We hold on to this belief that everything will make sense when we find ‘it’. What is ‘it’? Understanding what it means to be human, with all our divine flaws and incredible contradictions, is our purpose. To live, to be present and to wake up in the morning is our purpose. To connect to nature, the essence of who we are, and honour this path we are walking is our purpose. To align our lives as best we can to our heart’s whispers and our soul’s calling, marching to the beat of our own drum with as much integrity, love and compassion as we can, is purpose enough. What more is there to look for or live for than that?

4. Stop judging each moment, making one moment more meaningful than another

Something I am still working really hard on is the concept of separation, and categorising everything as good or bad. Making a judgement about what is meaningful and meaningless, my goodness, is something I have learned brings us so much pain.  

Everything is meaningful and meaningless at the same time – whether we are sitting in the park or sitting around a table with a bunch of UN delegates talking about a global issue. All that matters is that whatever we are doing, we are fully connected and engaged in that moment. Everything is simply an expression of who we are.

5. Befriend the stillness – trust the inner voice

Trusting our true inner voice above all others is crucial. Not our mental voice, which is the mind chatter that has been influenced by layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs from our childhood, parents, people around us, our culture and so on – but our true voice, our intuitive voice, when our soul speaks.


That inner voice is the voice you can only really tune in to and hear properly when you are still. It is our spiritual guide, our inner compass and the torch that lights the way. So instead of complaining that we don’t know what to do, where to go, what we want or what is right for us – we should be still, and then listen, hear and allow our true inner voice to come through, to guide us.

These are a few of the ways I’m working to stop sabotaging my own spiritual journey so that I can realise my own wild awakenings. I share a lot more of my life lessons in my new book, Wild Awakening: 9 Questions That Saved My Life. 

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Mary Daniels
With a natural ability to transform every challenging situation into a triumph, Mary Daniels has spent most of her adult life working with vulnerable people in the community, including in prisons, young offenders' units, Continue reading