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Forget Money Woes

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Forget Money Woes

Think Abundance!
Michael  Neill
Michael Neill More by this author
Dec 26, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Most of us would really love to move beyond thinking, and worrying, about money into a state of living from abundance. So how do we make that happen? My own journey began when I first started interviewing authors for my radio show and I noticed a very peculiar phenomenon. Whenever I was interviewing an author who I thought was “above me,” I felt nervous and inhibited; when I was interviewing an author who I thought was “beneath me,” I felt easy in myself and able to perform freely. On closer examination, I came to realize that the fundamental difference was less to do with the relative status of the author than it was to do with a fundamental difference in my approach.

In the first set of interviews, I was coming from a sense of lack and focusing on what I wanted to get; in the second, I was coming from a sense of abundance and focusing on what I was able to give.

Here are three keys to experiencing the freedom that comes from living from abundance in your own life:

Key Number One—Focus on What You’ve Got to Give, Not What You Want to Get

Are you going into business because you need the money? Then you are focused on your lack—on what you feel you “need” to get in order to make your endeavor worthwhile.

Imagine, on the other hand, going into business because you have something incredible to contribute. Are you liable to walk out with money?

Key Number Two—Cultivate an Abundance of Well-Being

Have you ever seen a champagne waterfall, where one glass is placed atop three glasses balanced atop five glasses and so on down to the linen tablecloth? As the top glass fills to overflowing, it naturally fills all of the glasses beneath it, and on and on the flow of abundance goes all the way down to the bottom. One secret to living from abundance is to begin filling your own glass by connecting daily with your own inner love, freedom, energy and power. As you fill yourself to overflowing, you will naturally share the best of what you have with those around you.

Key Number Three—Bless the Abundance of Others

According to Huna teacher Serge Kahili King, a blessing is “a compliment phrased like a promise.” Because energy flows where attention goes, whenever we take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the success, wealth, and happiness of another, we create an abundant blessing—more than enough “good vibes” to assist both the receiver and ourselves.

Here’s how you can practice living from abundance:

  • Throughout the day today, notice if you are coming from a place of abundance or one of scarcity. When you notice yourself focused on your own lack, ask yourself what you most want to give in this situation and what you already have to be grateful for in this area of your life?
  • Look for people in your life who are “heroes of abundance.” Be sure to take time to bless their success, and where appropriate, allow your cup to be filled in their presence.
  • Consider beginning each day by filling yourself up with good things. Read from books or e-zines that inspire you. Make a journal note about all the good things in your life. Meditate on the infinite goodness that surrounds you.

You will know that you are done when you feel an inner “fullness”—often a feeling of deep contentment and satisfaction characterized by gentle tears of gratitude. Over time, you will find that although your capacity for experiencing good and living from abundance increases, it takes less and less time to fill yourself to overflowing.

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Michael  Neill
Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of five books including The Inside-Out Revolution and Continue reading