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Forgive and Live

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Forgive and Live

There’s a much bigger plan.
Immaculee Ilibagiza
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Mar 23, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Have you ever read a line in a book or heard something in a movie that catches your heart and mind and remains in your memory forever? I have been fortunate to hear many beautiful stories about the impact my books have had on people and how they affected you. Just like you, I am a student of life and every day try to open my heart and learn from my daily experiences to recognize the hand of God in all. I also find inspiration in other people’s books and movies.

A long time ago, when I first came to the USA, I remembered reading a book called Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom and also seeing the movie version. The story really resonated with me; I loved it. For those who don't know, it is about a journalist named Mitch who goes on a search to find his old teacher and coach who he admired greatly in college. When Mitch found Morrie, he learned that Morrie was sick with ALS and had little time to live. They decided to visit every Tuesday and discuss Morrie's wisdom on how a person should live. 

During their conversations, Morrie told Mitch a story of a small wave.  It is one of those profound stories that has always stayed with me.

It goes like this:  One small wave was having fun in a big sea, rolling over and heading to the shore.  All of a sudden, he realized that other waves are crashing on the shore and disappearing into nothingness. The small wave got scared and asked the big wave, ‘Did you see what is going on? What is going to happen to us? We are going to crash!’

The big wave replied to the little wave, ‘I see. You are scared because you think we are going to crash and disappear, but you forget that we are not really waves. We are a part of the sea!’

That story did something to me. People can interpret it differently, but any time I feel fearful about the future, I remember that there is nothing to fear, except the fear of offending God.

I have to work hard to remember that I am a part of a bigger plan, a bigger family of mankind and Almighty God, who sent me here and who rules all.  He makes all things possible, and I must remember to rejoice in trying to do my small part the best I can. We are not competing in the world; we are each fulfilling our own destiny, but all together; we must care for each other and trust each other to do so. 

I especially hope and pray that this story comforts those who have lost their loved ones, as it did to me, and also those who are near the end. We really don't die; we are simply moved into another world, a more beautiful one that is real and one that will last forever, because we are a part of a bigger plan. We just have to do our best to earn that beautiful place. It is all about love.

Pondering this for myself made me think about you, who maybe don't always feel like you got things right, who don’t think you are worthy, or who are not forgiving yourself for a past mistake.  Know that God is very merciful…to a point of loving you even more when you are repentant. Do you remember Peter who denied Jesus?  He made him the rock on which He would build His church. Remember the thief on the cross; in an instant, he was forgiven, just by a thought of a sincere apology.  Be happy and play your part and know that you are enough and perfect in the big plan of God.  He has your back, just offer your best.

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Immaculee Ilibagiza
Immaculée Ilibagiza was born in Rwanda and studied electronic and mechanical engineering at the National University. She lost most of her family during the 1994 genocide. Four years later, she emigrated to the United States and began working at th Continue reading