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Four Directions

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Four Directions

Chris  Prelitz
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Sep 19, 2010 at 03:00 AM 0 comments

Last month I was on the Lakota reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota attending a Native American Sundance. One of the most profound experiences I had was having an elder teach me the traditional Four Directions Prayer.

It has become a favorite way for me to connect deeply with both spirit and nature. I'm using it to start and end each day. Traditionally, sage or sweetgrass is burnt and offered to the four directions as you pray from your heart.

I trust you'll find it a powerful way to connect and walk more deeply in beauty:

Four Directions Prayer

(Stand facing South)

Great Spirit,

Thank you for this day,

for the breath and life within me,

and for all of your creations. 


As I face South, I allow the spirit of All Possibilities to

wash over me.

Wherever I have fear or doubt, I trust that answers will


Show me it is right for me to make decisions

with my heart, even if at times, my heart becomes hurt.

Help me to grow and nurture my self-worth in all ways.

(When you feel the expansion of all possibilities, turn to

face West.)


The West is the direction where the White Buffalo lives.

White Buffalo stands for strength, bravery and courage.

As you breathe in, allow the power and energy of the White

Buffalo spirit to wash over you and awaken your warrior


(When you feel that powerful presence, turn to face the



The North is the direction where the black-tailed deer lives.

This is the direction of the spirit energy of humbleness and


As you breathe in, allow your soul and spirit to be touched

with humbleness,

knowing that all we are, and all that we have, comes from

the Great Spirit.

(When you truly feel touched with grateful humbleness,

turn to the East.)


The East is the land of the Eagle—the symbol for wisdom

and discernment.

I ask the spirit of the Eagle to be with me.

Sharpen my eyes and ears to hear your direction on my


Guide my steps, my actions, and my every word.

(When you feel a deeper connection to the eagle’s

wisdom, turn back and face the South)


Great Father Spirit and Mother Earth,

Thank you for your beauty, and for all you have given me.

Help me to remember to love and feel compassion for all


Help me to walk my path with joy and love for myself, for


for the four-legged, the winged ones, the plants and all


Remind me never to take from you more than I need,

and remind me to always give back more than I take.

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