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Get Smart!

Louise Hay
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Jan 04, 2010 at 01:15 AM 0 comments

Hello Dear Ones,

I bought a Smart Car a little over a year ago. A Smart Car for Two. From the outside, it looks like a joke. It makes us all laugh because it is so small. But from the inside, it is very roomy. It can even hold a man over six feet tall.

I can put four big bags of fertilizer in the trunk and two flats of plants. That is plenty of room for me. I call it my little Bat Out of Hell because it is so full of pep.

Because the Smart Car is so small I bought it in Bright Yellow and Black. I want everyone to see me coming. The car is a real conversation piece. Everybody wants to know: What’s the mileage? Is it electric? Do you like it? Who makes it?  The answer to the last question is Mercedes Benz. They have been available all over Europe for several years, but last year was the first time they were available in the USA. I bought Number 47 here in San Diego and I LOVE MY CAR.

So, if you see someone flying down the road in a Yellow Smart Car, it could be me.

This week’s affirmation: I love my life. I do what makes me happy, and I move forward in joy.



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