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Get Some Spiritual Nutrition

July’s kitchen tarot reading.
Dennis  Fairchild
Dennis Fairchild More by this author
Jul 07, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Whether sitting around a campfire under the stars or sweating indoors over a hot stove, an authentic, tasty dinner isn't a result of following strict recipes. Like life, it comes from intuition, straight from your heart and soul.

Every month, the Kitchen Tarot serves up suggested menus designed to boost your spiritual nutrition—mix them with love and emotions to create daily magic. Stop digging your grave with your own knife and fork. Treat yourself to positive company, healthy food & drink, and a generous serving of self-forgiveness this month.

The Kitchen Tarot, when blended with the philosophy of numerology, provides organic food-for-thought. From tarot, July brings to the table the energies of the number Two for the main course—the reduced single-digit for July=month #7, when added to the year 2011 becomes 2+0+1+8=10, whose sum total, 11, reduces down to (1+1 ) 2—making this a month of self-nurturing and contentment, for exploring and improving personal relationships, embracing intuition and creative movement, and understanding your body's natural rhythms. Be open to the unexpected, as cycles of all types—menstrual, included—are likely to be half-baked and out-of-sync.

This month, you're granted a temporary exemption from acting and feeling like your same old self, and possess a tremendous capacity to convert your old wounds, as well as the old wounds of others, into brilliant opportunities. Like the classic High Priestess tarot card of inner-feminine wisdom, Kitchen Tarot's card Two—the Teapot—is about hidden motivations and unseen answers coming to a boil. Don't let what you once could not do interfere with what you can do now.

Throughout July, card Two delivers time off for good behavior, and the smells of outdoor barbeque and sun tan lotion. The Teapot whistles songs of change and whispers clues about long-missing pieces of the puzzle, deep feelings, and mysterious dreams. Still waters run deep. Be patient, and hungrier for meaning than for any specific outcome. Your intuition is slowly beginning to boil, burning off tired, old beliefs and stale theories in the process. Before you resume untying some of your karmic knots, stop to smell the roses as you sip your tea.

July's Kitchen Tarot Affirmation: I trust my resourcefulness and intuition.

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Dennis  Fairchild
Dennis Fairchild is a best-selling author of more than a dozen books and prediction calendars. He has won kudos as host of the Midwest’s longest-running prime-time talk-radio show, Ask the Astrologer, and has appeared in the media on a worldwide basi Continue reading