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Give Yourself a Present

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Give Yourself a Present

Cheryl  Richardson
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Dec 21, 2011 at 03:00 AM 0 comments

I’ve been asking my Facebook community to tell how they take really, really good care of themselves during the holidays. I thought I'd share some of their ideas with you.  We have such wonderful people with wise advice. Check it out:

I play in the snow with my children!

The one thing I absolutely love to do for myself is to sit quietly at night by the lit tree for a short while and breathe in the smell of pine. I take time to be grateful for everything, including the beauty of the season. There is nothing quite like those moments of total peace.

I listen to Christmas music as much as I can.

This year I put my Christmas tree on a revolving stand and I am getting a big kick out of it.

The best way I take care of myself is to show kindness to people who are need of a little kindness—shut-ins, those in shelters—especially women and children. I like being an anonymous elf to those who feel forgotten. That’s what Christmas is really about to me. These things bring me joy!

EVERY year (since my divorce) I buy myself a Christmas present FIRST. 

Hire a cleaning lady—it's the best self care, besides a facial!

A couple of years ago I got honest with people in my life and told them I wouldn't be sending cards or buying gifts any longer and that I didn't expect them to do so for me. Instead I asked that we keep the season in our hearts all year and use the time, money, and stress we'd have put into cards and gifts to stay in touch with little dinners, favors, and surprises throughout the year.

My friend and I take one day that we spend with our children and with two kids who she got to know through a camp for severely abused children. We make cutout sugar cookies and then decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. We just have a blast! Then we send home a big package of the decorated cookies with them to have for the holidays! And they absolutely love it and now ask, When is our cookie day each year because they remember how much fun it is!

I go to the ocean, find three pieces of driftwood, write the things I would like to let go of (judgment, fear, sadness, etc.) on the wood, thank them for having made me who I am, and toss them into the ocean to be carried away. Then I spend some time on the beach imagining what I want for the coming year.

Holidays are holy days of love, light and hope. I make a point of smiling at everyone I see and sending thoughts of good will. This keeps me connected to the spirit.

Each time I stand in line to make a purchase I look at each other person in line and Namaste them, then I pray and give thanks for each cashier. It turns the bothersome task of waiting in line into an opportunity to reorient my vantage point.

I take an afternoon off and go watch a movie all by myself. I don't have to worry about anyone or having to share my popcorn! Believe it or not, I always get a divine message.

Simplify, simplify, simplify!! I cut out EVERY thing that is not necessary. If I'm not hosting Christmas, I do minimal decorating. Bake ONE kind of cookie, instead of ten. I say no to things. I also will suggest we get together in January instead of trying to cram everything into December.

In the spirit of Christmas and the New Year, I will reflect on something new that I would like to birth this year.

Take Action Challenge

Ready to make your holidays even better? This week, choose one holiday self-care strategy from the above list (or add your own) and put it into practice. Happy Holidays!

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