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Go Ahead, Live Your Dreams

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Go Ahead, Live Your Dreams

3 doable steps to get moving.
Erin  Cox
Apr 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM

God’s been telling me to quit my job in environmental science and engineering for a few years now. His loving voice has been most clear and undeniable when I have been aligned…getting in my daily meditation and counterbalancing the craziness of raising three kids under the age of six with adequate rest and downtime. Otherwise, my life is often such a busy blur that my connection with God gets fuzzy and out of tune.  

Even so, I have known in my heart that I was supposed to quit so I could fully focus on my family and my absolute dream of pursuing a writing and speaking career. How could I deny this voice when I had been hearing it off and on for so long? The answer is simple. Fear.

Fear is a powerful force. It prevents many people from ever fully realizing their dreams or potential. Had I not made a conscious and sustained effort to move toward my dreams, I too could have been swept up in the current of life and let myself slowly become unconscious to my truest desires, leading to a life not-quite fully lived. It happens every day.

You too might know in your heart that you are meant for something different. Something that is bigger, more meaningful, or more peaceful. You too may be longing to live your purpose and highest potential. The voice that you hear when all is quiet is the one that will help clarify the sense of unease or dissatisfaction in your heart. Fear is extraordinarily powerful, but it can be overcome. Sometimes it takes effort, toil, tears, breakdowns, and finally…spurts of amazing ease and growth.

How can you overcome your fears and live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Here are three completely doable steps to help you get started now.

Become clear. Take time for quiet and create moments of stillness in your life. A daily meditation and prayer practice are key for gaining clarity and for the gradual building of courage to take action. Write in a journal or create a vision board so you have a clear mental picture of your purpose and what your heart truly wants. For me, it started as a very fuzzy image that with patience, frustration, starts and stops, and lots of inner work finally became crystal clear. Once your life regains a sense of clarity, it becomes nearly impossible to ignore.

Neutralize the fear. Sometimes we have created irrational fears of the unknown. I recommend getting completely honest and real about the worst that could happen. What is it? Is it really that bad? I’ve found that once you fully face and accept the worst-case scenario, it loses its potency. Its power can be diminished or even neutralized so that you can continue moving forward…despite the fear.

Create a path. Overcoming the fear to live your purpose doesn’t usually happen overnight. It can be a grueling process that can be scary and intimidating. By creating a real path, you are making a plan that can be chipped away at for as long as you need. You are creating a checklist of actionable items so this amazing life doesn’t feel ambiguous or overwhelming to achieve.

I believe in you. Just because you fear something doesn’t mean it’s wrong for you. Change and uncertainty truly can cause insecurity and fear. Don’t let these emotions prevent you from living God’s highest purpose for you. Each of us has something unique and beautiful to share, and I can’t wait to hear about yours. Please reach out and let me know how you are overcoming your fears and moving in the direction of living your purpose in the comments on the HealYourLife Facebook page or at

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Erin  Cox
Erin Cox is on a mission to revolutionize motherhood into a hotter, healthier, and more joyful experience, as outlined in her new book, One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby. Her powerful messages ring true for Continue reading