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Greener Pastures Ahead

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Greener Pastures Ahead

Chris  Prelitz
Chris Prelitz More by this author
Feb 23, 2011 at 04:30 AM 0 comments

It’s February. It’s the new planting season. The future could look fearful from some directions. Our economy is not the best. Lots of folks are out of work. Some people are worried that they may soon lose their jobs. Who couldn't use a little more guaranteed income in the future? That’s in-come in the form of food that's coming-in for free.

You can literally plant a tree that will grow, mature, give high yields, and be tax free—all the terms we typically apply to money. But, I’m talking green trees—not green dollars.  Growing your own fruit or nuts saves you having to spend dollars on buying these items. 

Pick a fruit or nut tree that you know does well in your city or climate. Give it good soil and some water and Voila—a miracle will appear before your very eyes. Fresh fruit or even walnuts or almonds appear miraculously.

Like hundreds of generations before us—we can be a better stewards of this Garden of Eden we are blessed to live in.

For those passionate about better eco-choices, you're also installing one of the world's greatest carbon-offsetting machines available. Trees take in Co2 (the stuff we want less of) and give off oxygen (the stuff we want more of).

If your space is limited or you're renting—just pick up a dwarf tree and put it in a large pot or container on your porch, balcony, or deck. Lemons and limes are ideal for this. They won't get much bigger than a plasma screen TV, and they will still give you a bushel of fruit. You can trim them to fit even the smallest space if needed.  And, the smell and taste of a fresh, ripe lemon is so different from one that's been sitting on a store shelf for days or weeks. 

So, plant a tree to be environmental and economical both at the same time. Another win -win :)

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