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Hack Your Mind: How Perception Creates Reality

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Hack Your Mind: How Perception Creates Reality

5 Hidden Truths For Happier, Healthier Thoughts
James McCrae
James McCrae More by this author
Feb 20, 2017 at 08:30 AM

Perspective Is Everything

Every person lives in two different worlds: the world of ultimate reality and the world of subjective reality. Ultimate reality represents the “whole truth” of the universe from a macro level, a micro level, and everything in between. The full scope of ultimate reality is greater than the human mind (and even, at this stage, our best science) is capable of perceiving. At any given time, we only perceive a small fraction of ultimate reality, defined by our perspective, which becomes our interpretation of the world – our subjective reality.

Subjective reality is the world we perceive on a daily basis. It is a selective interpretation of ultimate reality filtered through personal experience and five-sense perception. Everybody has a different subjective reality. None is totally right and none is totally wrong. If 100 people walk into the same room, there will be 100 different interpretations of the room. I may notice the sound of music playing and the voices of people talking. You might notice the smell of food cooking and the color of the walls. Each variation of the experience (our subjective reality) will tell part of the story, but none will tell the full story. 

Hacking Our Perception

Reality is created by focus. Wherever we focus our perception, a personal experience takes shape. When we shift our perception, we will inevitably experience a different world. Think of ultimate reality as the full spectrum of radio frequencies. Our focus is the dial that dictates which frequency we access. This is why it has been said that thoughts create our reality. Thoughts are the mirror that determines which version of reality is reflected back to us.

The Ego limits our perception (and therefore limits our lives) by focusing on narrow, fear-based beliefs. Our Higher Self, by contrast, expands our perception (and therefore expands our lives) by focusing on empowering beliefs. Following are five limiting beliefs of the Ego, and affirmations from the Higher Self to hack the mind toward a frequency that is healthy, happy, and purposeful.



1. According to the Ego, happiness is a goal that must be earned

So we work and strive, and yet happiness remains out of reach. The biggest obstacle to our happiness is the belief that we don’t deserve to be happy. In truth, happiness is not the end result of our efforts – rather, it is our core nature, the state of being that remains when we strip away everything unnatural and forced. True happiness is without condition, the state of gratitude and enjoyment in each passing moment.


2. The Ego says that achieving success requires us to play roles that are contrary to our nature

We need to be ambitious, aggressive, manipulative, perfect, and always confident. This belief causes us to distort ourselves into a status quo-shaped box. In doing so, we stunt the growth of our inner genius. When we realize that we don’t need to be anything other than ourselves, a huge weight is taken off our shoulders. We can stop trying so hard and simply be.


3. According to the Ego, the nature of the world is dog-eat-dog

Resources are scarce and another’s gain is a loss for me. The truth is that each person has a unique dharma, a unique path, and another’s success does not interfere with my own. I used to worry that I would never find my purpose. My Ego told me that I needed to struggle to survive. But when we choose to view life through a lense of trust rather than doubt, our purpose is already waiting. We must only step toward it.



4. Dreams and imagination, according to the Ego, are stupid and irresponsible

Our Ego does not approve because imagination has the power to see beyond our limiting beliefs. Everyone is blessed with an antennae that can receive signals from beyond our conscious mind. This is a huge advantage. When we connect with imagination we receive guidance that would not be available by logic alone. Nothing can exist unless it can first be imagined. Therefore imagination is an important step to achieving any goal.

5. Fear is normal. Every time we try something new, fear is part of the package

The Ego tells us that fear is a signal to stop, that it’s not worth the risk. But fear is actually our inner child, the frightened part of ourselves that needs encouragement. Instead of allowing fear to stop us, we should take it as a signal to trust ourselves more. When we play it safe, we never learn anything. Magic happens whenever we face fear and decide to press on anyway.

For more about how to turn your worst failures into your greatest transformation, see my book, Sh#t My Ego Says.

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