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Happy Father's Day From Hay House!

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Happy Father's Day From Hay House!

It's Father's Day on Sunday so in celebration, we asked a pool of authors to celebrate their dads
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Jun 19, 2015 at 02:45 AM

Rebecca Campbell – Author of Light is the New Black

Anyone who knows my dad Trevor has seen him cry. 21st speeches, airport pickups, that scene in Bambi where the mum dies in the fire…. He is a total softy. Water spirit with a whopping big heart and a general desire to see the people he loves happy.

Choosing Trevor as my dad was such a great decision! Growing up, he was a teacher and mum was a fashion designer. Because dad had more time, he did most of the cooking, ironing, homework supervision and general running around after my brother during the week. This was a huge change for him after being raised in a family of three boys where he knew exactly what was going to be on the table for dinner every single night (cooked by his mum).

Looking back now I see how ahead of his time my dad was in that he swiftly learned how to cook and when mum was away even do my hair (something he is still to master). He was a rock for both my mum, my brother and I in an age where that was not the norm.

He taught me that it is ok for women to be strong and successful and that it is ok to show your emotions, and that is what I love most about him. (And now I’m the one crying!)

Rebecca with her Dad in Paris

David Wells – Author of Your Astrological Moon Sign, Real People, Real Past Lives and 21 Days to Understand Qabalah

My dad was a coal miner, aged 14 he went down the pit, I have a photo in my office of him and his friends the day they finished training and when I look at it reminds me how lucky I am, the day after it was taken he was digging out coal.

By the time I came along he’d been doing it for almost a decade, a routine that must have been exhausting and a wee boy to look after added pressure no doubt. But he took me fishing, taught me right from wrong and clipped my ear when the latter took me into places I really shouldn’t have been.

He’s no longer with us, but his contract is fulfilled and I know right from wrong, how lucky I am and what steadfast commitment in the face digging in the dark and finally finding the light looks like.

David and his Dad

Kim Arnold – Author of The Tarot and The Tarot Masters

My Dad Albert is a huge, strong and positive influence in my life. He has always instilled in myself and my 2 brothers to never be afraid of pushing our boundaries and living our dreams. He has truly given us the gift of having the wings to fly and the stability of home. 

We have always had the comfort of knowing that whatever happens in our lives he would always be there to catch and support us, that still applies today even though we are all adults with our own families.   

Five years ago my father was diagnosed with having a brain tumour. However, his strength to live his life to its full never ceases to amaze me, especially as not that long ago we nearly lost him.  He loves his own jokes (some of them are actually quite funny) and quite frankly, I adore him. Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Kim Arnold and her dad, Albert

Tim van der Vliet – Author of Spiritual Awakening (The Easy Way)

My father died when I was 11 years old. You know how people say that people live on in someone's heart? It's true.

The other day I was on my bicycle with my 11 year old daughter (Lila). My daughter told me she missed “Granddaddy Frans” although she had never met him. Being the same age as I was when my father died, she was worried about my death.

With tears in her eyes she confessed me her fear. Proud of the fact that she was expressing her true feelings to me, we talked about death: “You wouldn't want to live forever, or would you?” She replied “No, that would be boring!”. I continued: “And maybe there is life after death, and maybe even before we were born. What do you think sweet Lila? And you know what? Granddaddy Frans lives on in us because we are talking about him now. Thank you for that Lila. I love you so much!”.

The next morning, with sleepy eyes, she told me: “You know daddy? We are only alive because we die.” I fell on the ground and bowed for her as if she was my Guru. She laughed. As I write this with tears in my eyes, I feel that I am a good daddy. I feel love, I feel gratitude.

Thank you daddy. Thank you Lila. I love you.

Frans, Tim and Lila

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